Weekly Photo Challenge-Favorite-Place



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Favorite Place…


Considering I have a prepared post for the

Tuesday Photo Challenge

of my favourite local places…

I decided to post some favourite European places.


The hands down winner for this title goes to

Het Zand Square in Brugge.

I’m not sure if it was the first mainland

European city we stopped at…

 or the fact that I managed some half decent

night shots of the square and fountain.


Arras, Bell Tower

Last year it was the Place des Heros and the Bell Tower,

in Arras which won my heart.

And after hearing about Menin Gate from my Father

it was with joy and sadness I visited sites along

the Western Front that were synonymous

with my Grandfather’s World War  I war service.

  Tomorrow are favourite local places

posted in

Tuesday Photo Challenge.

Particularly bad graphic card troubles this morning.

I do hope all photos are sharp.

I will check and change photos if necessary.




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