Black and White Challenge.


Geelong Botanic Gardens

Steps out of one entrance/exit of

Melbourne’s Southern Cross Railway Station.


A reverse view of those steps.

There is also an up or down escalator

on each side.


More Melbourne steps.

Old Sydney steps.

Entrance to Geelong Botanic Gardens


Steps to Queenscliff Beach







Queenscliff Pier with lighthouses

in the background

At Queenscliff you can catch the Ferry across

Port Phillip Bay to Sorrento.

Queenscliff to Sorrento Ferry

takes around 40 minutes,

much quicker than driving

via Melbourne City.









A thirty minute drive from Geelong

will bring to Queenscliff and

its fort museum.

Queenscliff has two lighthouses.

A black one inside the fort and

a white one outside the fort.

According to Google there are only

three black lighthouses in the world.


The Queenscliff black lighthouse

is the only one in

the Southern Hemisphere.









I have opted to use RAW in the photographic sense today.

I also endeavoured to find a 25 words or less definition.

However, it’s late and all explanations were

too wordy for this time of night.

This image was shot as a JPG and is therefore

partially compressed in camera.

The  sky lacks detail and the trees are darker.

Same shot only shot as RAW

Overall colours lacking contrast, more tail in trees and sky.

I’m not an expert editor, however,

camera club colleagues, and research

state that a RAW image in not compressed.

All detail remains as shot and RAW images

can be manipulated more in editing software

such as Photoshop  and Light Room.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Raw


Wordless Wednesday19_0821

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Last Wednesday I took a ferry ride

across Port Phillip Heads

from Queenscliff to Sorrento

for lunch.

Queenscliff Pier and its white

and black lighthouses.


Arriving at Sorrento.



Disembarking at Sorrento.


Hope you enjoyed.




A Saint Bernard at Taupo,

New Zealand

Black Cockatoo.

Black Shouldered Kite.

Little Black Cormorant.

Black Agapanthus.

Black Panther to be precise, I believe.

Queenscliff’s Black Lighthouse.

One of three in the world and

the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Black



Seems I missed this one last week.

Moon set from our back door.

One of my Best and favourite moon shots.

Testing my (then) new 50-500 mm Sigma lens.

This was a handheld shot with the assistance

of a veranda post for some stability.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Moon