Weekly Photo Challenge-Liquid



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Earlier this year MGW and I decided to…  

celebrate our wedding anniversary with

a First Class Dining Experience on The Q Train,

a restored Queenslander Train

which runs on a short section of disused track

between Drysdale and Queenscliff.


Part of the First Class experience was a private cabin…

a six course meal and…

matching wine with each course.


As wine does not appeal to either of us we asked for

were supplied with a non-alcoholic version of each drink,

some of which I have included in today’s post.

We hope to repeat the journey sometime in the future

and while we have daylight saving time so

we can enjoy the scenery as we dine.







Beginning with sunshine…



and coming to start a new day.



The Q Train shining its light into the darkness ahead…

The Q Train as the engine swaps ends and joins up

to take us back to the beginning of our journey.

The Q Train is a Dining train which operates

on a section of track,

no longer used for public transport,

between Drysdale and Queenscliff.



Last Friday, May 11, just before sun up at the car park…


at Geelong’s Eastern Beach.




Public Transport…

A V/Line Train on its way to Melbourne.

Rounded a corner a few weeks back only to see

this train approaching the bridge.

I just managed a few clicks before it disappeared.


Melbourne Taxis waiting for fares.


Melbourne Taxi.

Melbourne Trams.


Finally, The Q Train. 

The Q Train has a 3 hour round  trip journey

for those wanting a different lunch or dinner venue. 

For us, it was celebrating

our wedding anniversary this year.

If not classified as ‘public transport’ now,

it certainly was public transport.

These carriages are all restored

Queenslander Class railway carriages…

which formed The Sunlander Train, in Queensland.

Passengers could travel from Brisbane to Cairns

between June 1953 and December 2014.

The Spirit of Queensland has now

replaced The Sunlander. (Wikipedia)

The Q Train now operates on a small section

of railway line just out of Geelong.

The Q Train departs from Drysdale Station,

runs to Queenscliff, on the coast,

where the engine turns around

and returns diners to Drysdale.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Public-Transport


Wordless Wednesday17_Point_Lonsdale

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I drove to Point Lonsdale on Monday,

in the hope of a good sunrise

A large cloud bank blocked any

nice reflections off the lighthouse.

But I did manage this over the water shot

of a well risen sun.


As well as these two as the sun crept higher…

into the sky over nearby Queenscliff.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Weekly Photo Challenge-Grid



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Plenty of Grid photos this week.

Perhaps not entirely Rule-of-Thirds…but grids just the same.

geelong_1863Commencing with two re-posts from last week.

The Waurn Ponds branch of the Geelong Library

is covered on all sides with this grid pattern.

Not everyone’s taste.

Queenscliff-Fort_6584Again these windows (?) in the Queenscliff Fort

are set in grid formation.

roof_0518A ceiling, skylight in one of Melbourne’s Lanes.

DC Photographyooooooooo

Windows and inset frames all in grid formation.

art_0563Bricks make an ideal grid, of sorts, for this laneway art.

reflection_0489A century later and we still have windows and glass walls…

reflection_0445laid out in grids.

grid-tiles_0513Finally this reminded me of the Roman Tessellated Pavement

in Canterbury (I think).

It was 1976 when I visited the United Kingdom. 🙂

I believe that this is the floor below the skylight (3rd photo).



Weekly Photo Challenge-Monochromatic



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I think these would be classified as monochromatic.

seat_0324I have never knowingly set out

to create a monochromatic photo…

banksia_0050however, sometimes one’s surrounding make the choice for us…

gardens_0042especially when looking at a photo with a different mindset.

gardens_0074aThe first two were taken at Queenscliff and few months ago…

gardens_0075while the three above were taken in the

Geelong Botanical Gardens around the same time.

corio-bay_6832This is winter shot and  has been edited for colour.

Some of my Facebook friends were scratching their heads

wondering what it was when I first posted it.

Personally, I rather like the abstract nature of it.

I think it fits the ‘single or limited range of colours

required to be a monochromatic image.



Floral Friday-15-1206


Floral Friday Challenge.


I found these Banksia plants at Queenscliffe this morning.
banksia_0049I’m not sure when they are due to flower…

banksia_0064but I think these are past there best and last year’s pods,

although not sharp, are clearly visible in this shot.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday