Windows of Europe feature this week.

Blue windows in York.

Tower of London windows.

More blue windows in

Germany’s Rhineland district.

Brown in Brugge.

Attractive Windows in Arras.

  A window in St Jean Baptiste Cathedral,

also in Arras.



Thursday’s Special: Windows

Travel Theme-Numerals




Travel Theme.


Numerals are…the basis…

 of keeping any market going.


Whether dollars, euros,

or any other currency…


There is always a numeral before the item.


Where’s My Backpack: Numerals






Black and White Challenge:



My photos come from Arras this week.

The first two are, I think….

parking meters in Arras, France.


Looks like hiring a masquerade costume can start at 15 Euros.

A statue honouring L’Abbe Halluin,

funded by public donations.

Finally, the clock face of the Bell Tower clock.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Numbers






Black and White Challenge:

Hands, Feet


Signs of Arras.It’s a Chemist in Australia.

And based solely on television and movies

a Drug Store in the Americas.

And as the French put it….a Pharmacy elsewhere.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Self explanatory????

A place to grab an outfit for the Masked Ball.


Not sure what the Hearts of Arras is.

Maybe someone can offer an explanation.



This is my favourite.

It looks much better in colour.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Signs



Floral Friday17-0707-Arras


Floral Friday Challenge.


A balcony garden brightens the view…

over Place Des Heros for

these home owners in Arras.


Closer to ground level is some topiary.

At least that is my guess.


Finally, a plant we inherited when we bought our farm.

The only difference being that ours were

free standing bushes.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Tables-Chairs


My contribution for

this week’s challenge

Tables Chairs


Tables and chairs from Arras, France.

An outdoor, rooftop dining setting.

A view from the Bell Tower.

Outdoor settings awaiting the evening trade in

Place des Heros, Arras.

Closed for the night?

Place des Heros, Arras.

Locals and tourists alike enjoying a beautiful evening.

 My dining habits were a bit earlier than others.

St Germain’s in Arras.





Wordless Wednesday17_Arras

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


One thing I do like about visiting

 Europe is the late sunsets.At the moment we a pitch black by 1800 or shortly thereafter.

I had to wait another five minutes before

the Bell Tower lights were turned on.

So at nearly 2200, with the moon high in the sky

and some street lights on it was still not

dark enough to light up the Bell Tower.

Dinner at St Germain’s was long past.

Finally the lights were turned on…


and I discovered I was not the only person

in La Place des Heros waiting to take a photo.

Some of these were posted in Cee’s Black and White (Lights) Challenge.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (

~ ~ ~ ~ ~