This week’s theme is autumn colours.

While most of my images are autumnal some

are simply shades of black, green, yellow/gold and red.

Autumn leaf abstract.


Brown and Gold.

Reds and greens.

Reds and Yellows

Part of an autumn streetscape


Green and red

Autumn leaves


Japanese maple



Orakei Korako Geothermal (NZ)

Black Cockatoo







a point from which goods are sold or distributed.

The Arras (France) Saturday market…


…provided me with an opportunity to…

…purchase a gift for my MGW.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Market




Black and White Challenge.


Can’t speak for other countries,

however, this table and chair set

is very common in Australia.

Easy to make and hard to be stolen.


Outdoors bench seat.


A concrete and stone version of my first photo.


After hours conviviality in France.









a small shop selling fashionable clothes or accessories.

The hairdresser’s shop doesn’t sound

anywhere near as exotic in English

Hamurana Lodge

Boutique Hotel


New Zealand








an arithmetical value, expressed by a word, symbol,
or figure, representing a particular quantity
and used in counting and making calculations.



…followed by learning to tell the time.


For the first twenty or so years birthday numbers,

mark important stages of our lives. 

Then we try and forget that we are getting a tad older

with each and every birthday.


During my late teens and early twenties,

it was a must to know the address

and opening hours of the local burger store

especially on a Saturday night.


During my late teens, I was introduced to these

numbers and for a couple of years joined local

football tipping competitions. 

It took that long to realise that if I had

a bad week (of tipping) it was highly unlikely

that I could catch the leaders during the rest of the year.


During our twenties as begin to branch out from home

for work and/or travel, these numbers tend to rule

our lives as we learn to budget as we fend for ourselves.


Without these numbers, I would not have known

that this monument was erected, by

public subscription on July 19, 1896.


As our offspring age…


…which means we have also aged…

…these numbers suddenly become

vitally important to all but the very lucky.








Outdoor Table and Chairs



Sydney Harbour Fence

Shopfront from…

…from another era.

Pansies in Urn


The Flying Horse Pub



Street Scape

Flinders Lane











a dummy used to display clothes in a shop window.

Captured at the Arras Saturday Market in France.

Not sure why I took the photo, however,

I am 99% certain that it is my only

mannequin image


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Mannequins






survey goods for sale in a
leisurely and casual way.








If you cast off something,
you get rid of it because it is
no longer necessary or useful to you,
or because it is harmful to you.


I often wonder if fashions which are sold

in markets are last seasons cast offs.