Black and White Challenge.


Tourists created these rocks stacks along

the Great Ocean Road.

Stones on the Riviera

Nice Beach


Dry Stone…




Bluestone, cut into pitchers (rectangular blocks)

made a long-lasting building material.

Dog Rocks at Batesford…

…about 10 minutes from Geelong

Twenty-four-year-old Woolly signing

the visitor’s book atop

Ayres Rock (now Uluru) rises 348 metres/1141 feet

above the surrounding plains.

In the background are the Olgas,

the highest of which, Mount Olga,

is 546 metres/1,791 feet above

the surrounding plain.









At Manly Beach…

…these girls were applying suntan oil

to exposed parts of their body.

Sun lovers on the French Riviera did not seem

to worry about protecting themselves.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Body