an instance or manner of greeting someone.

This dance troupe…

…could have been welcoming us to…

…South Africa and…

…Sausage Tree Safari Camp.

They were, in fact, bidding us farewell.

And so vigorous was their dancing that..

…one of the male dancers found

a weak spot in the decking.  🙂


Word of the Day Challenge:  Welcome






Is a loving emotion being demonstrated here?

Maggie taught young Taji so much in the few

short months before she passed away.

Where and how to sleep during her morning nap

was just one of those things.

However, Taji just had to stretch all that energy away.

Then across the ocean at Victoria Falls these dancers

were expressing their own energetic pride in

their performance.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Raw-Emotion


Travel Theme-Fabric




Travel Theme.


While in South Africa we were treated to an afternoon

of entertainment by a local dance troupe.
fabric_0383Dancers were dressed in colourful fabrics

and had several…
fabric_0467costume changes…

to match each set of dances.

fabric_0396We also watched dancers dancing in the

parking area of a shopping centre near

Victoria Falls last year.

fabric_0307In Fremantle we sighted these balls covered in

what appears to be knitted woollen rectangles.

I have no idea what they represented.

 And the fabric coating the roof of many old churches is thin slate rectangles similar to this.


Where’s My Backpack?: Fabric