clock face

the dial of an analogue clock, marked with
divisions representing units of time

An analogue clock face

on a Pub wall.

London’s Big Ben with a

Roman Numeral

clock face.











Beginning with triangles in the frame of a house.

And there are plenty of triangles holding the roof in place.


A square image containing a circle inside

a square frame.


The exterior of…

…the National Gallery of Australian Art…

…covered in triangles.






(Balyang Sanctuary)





African dance costume



More bracelets



Restaurant  in London


A real rainbow.


And this is my…

I wish I had a wider lens


I barely had time to capture

this image before it was no more.

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse and Pier.









The colour is pink.


A green hedge from


U. K.


Your tall white tree appears similar to a poplar tree

which is deciduous and the reason for including

this tree (name unknown) in its winter coat.


Not certain that your flowers are rhododendrons, Cee,

however, I think they are.

These rhododendrons were captured in the

Hamilton Gardens

New Zealand.










a large and impressive building forming
the official residence of a ruler, pope,
archbishop, etc

Buckingham Palace,


Schoenbrunn Palace,


Versailles Palace,



Fan One-Word Challenge:…Palace





Outbound from Dover to Calais.


Outbound from Geelong on the Hygeia

for our camera club sunset cruise on

Corio Bay.











In 1976 my first leg of my big trip overseas saw my

British Airways flight land in Hong Kong.   

Off we tumbled, after nine hours of flying,

into the Hong Kong Airport duty-free department store

where my eye was taken by a

delicate coral-like carving housed in glass.

British Airways departing Heathrow.

The girl behind the counter became excited when

I showed some interest in making a purchase. 

My interest was taken as a sale, by her. 

As I pondered whether or not to purchase,

said souvenir was being wrapped up. 

‘No’ appeared to be lost in translation, so to speak. 

All I could see was my souvenir becoming a broken mess

after three or four months of travel. 

As I began to walk away the sales girl was having a meltdown

and all I could think of was the heavily armed guards/soldiers

protecting the terminal.   

This could not have been her first meltdown

because I am still here to tell the story.


South Africa’s O. R. Tambo Airport, Johannesburg

Leaving Hong Kong our next leg was south,

keeping well away from Vietnamese air-space,

across the Bay of Bengal to New Delhi, where,

from memory, I did not irritate any of the duty-free employees. 

However, I also made sure that I did not show any real interest

in their wares either, which may have helped.

 Time came to board for the third leg of my flight to London. 

As I made my way through security checkpoints to board,

my way was blocked by a seven-foot-tall (to the top of his turban), uniformed Indian.

He and his right armed block me from continuing to the plane

while his left arm was clearly directing me to a cubicle

a few paces off the preferred track. 

Once inside the cubicle, with non-verbal communication,

I was directed to raise my arms prior to a frisk search. 

In my left pocket was a small metal container

in which I was carrying some medication I was/am required to take. 

As the frisk progressed and reached that area of my body,

the container was given a firm, but gentle squeeze,

and I was then allowed to board. 

There was not one utterance of verbal communication between us. 

South Africa’s O. R. Tambo Airport, Johannesburg

Upon arriving in Rome I was delighted to know that there

would be no way I could upset any Italian duty-free employees. 


We were not allowed to disembark and spent 90 minutes

sitting in our respective seats while refuelling took place, 

after which we were London bound. 

Our final leg had arrived.




   Amanda                                Sandi       




A prerequisite for putting Taji’s food in a kong

was that it would curb the elegant way a labrador eats.

It took her 2-3 feeds before she devised a method

of extracting her food nearly as quickly

as she could eat it, consequently, the kong

now sits unloved and unwanted on our old trampoline.


 London’s St James Park provided

a squirrel for this post.


Last year’s lockdown wedding anniversary dinner

seemed like a banquet to us.   

No cooking and little cleaning up afterwards.


Geelong has a single Giant Sequoia tree

in its Botanic Gardens.


I think we will have a few years to wait for it to attain

the size of its Californian cousins, though.


A wedding bouquet 


Finally, a photo of the equines hanging

on my study wall.

  It does have some family significance

however not sure what at the moment.










Jumping for joy in Stanley Park,



…at Port of Vancouver.

Relaxed on London Bridge

Assignment at

Saint Kilda Pier



Need some help?



Art appreciation in



A gesture of friendship?  I think not!

Especially as her parents were

asking her to stop so

I could get my shot.