Black and White Challenge.


Geelong sunset.


A landscape or the result of landscaping?

Many South West Victorian farms have

changed their landscape from one

which grazed sheep and cattle to one

which grows trees and is far less intensive.

A little over 100 years ago this idyllic

French landscape would have appeared

anything but idyllic as Villers Bretonneux

was in the middle of some of the

heaviest fighting of World War I.

As the sun goes down…

…near Geelong.

Yearling Herefords

Spring sown canola crop on its way to maturity.

Canola in flower


Saint Kilda Pier


Moorabool Valley eucalypts.

In the distance are

The Grampians.

The southern end of

The Great Dividing Range.

Moorabool Valley


Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: Landscapes





  Het Zand Square




…in Brugge,


Whether in Black and White…

…or a colourful abstract…

…the El Alamein Fountain at

Sydney’s, King’s Cross

makes for spectacular viewing.


Back home again and just inside

the main gate to Geelong’s

Botanic Gardens is a fountain,

which on the few occasions I have visited

the Gardens, has been inactive.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Fountains-Sprinklers








the point that is equally distant from every point
on the circumference of a circle or sphere.

The hands of the clock are join at the

centre point of its face.

Light bulb in centre of shade.





Rose Window

in York Minster.



The centre does not always mean something circular.

I would suggest that this Rose Window is

centrally located in the triangle created

by York Minster roof







a stiff, sharp-pointed woody projection on the stem
or other part of a plant.

Geelong Botanic Gardens…

…contains what I would describe as……

…a rather large….

…succulent garden.

Everything from tall and skinny

to round and dumpy cacti on display.



Sadly several years after capturing these images

I paid another visit only to discover any/most

of the cacti had been cut in half. 

Vandals or pruning?







Upon entering the


Botanical Gardens…

…visitors are greeted by this couple.

After a brief chat and obligatory photos,

we continued on to the fountain.


I don’t think cycling is allowed in the Geelong Gardens,

however, this bloke was nice enough to stop and…


…and let the bridal party pass by.


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Botanical Gardens.

As well as

Autumn colour…


…bananas can be found in the

Geelong Gardens.



…along with a… 

…a nice specimen of Sequoia…


…which may be better known as a

California Giant Redwood.


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