Black and White Challenge.


I think and it has been confirmed, that…

this dress could be called a deb(utante) frock.

This flock of sheep and herd of cattle…

are certainly livestock.

The clock face of the Arras Bell Tower in France.

A group of rocks just outside Geelong

known as Dog Rocks.

Many photographers photograph this

rock formation, both day and night.

One of the Australian Navy’s ships at dock at Cunningham Pier.









Black and White Challenge.


A variety of windows, both old and new

Looking out to the street through

the inner stain glass windows.

It was through these doors/windows

that a hail storm blew in

with hail stones landing twenty feet

inside these doors.

Views of the Swan River Bank in Perth, Western Australia.

There was a housing complex similar to this which,

we were told, belong to one family only.

Another Swan River scene.

Number 2 Son had the camera this day as we drove

around our second tree plantation.

 Same paddock a couple of weeks ago.

Only this time trees have been harvested and poisoned

in preparation for planting new tube stock.

I nearly took a selfie as our Georgian (USA) born

Plantation Manager acted as chauffeur.

Finally, this photo is tagged as God’s Window

which we visited while in South Africa.

Stunning views as is befitting such a window.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Looking-through-a-Window






 In keeping with Cee’s Wildlife theme

from earlier in the week I  have again

returned to Africa for my  

double letter words this week.

Cheetah one and…

Cheetah two.

The friendly Giraffe.

 Some Hippopotamuses.

Wildebeest heading for water

at the beginning of a hot day.

 Not sure if this is ‘Willy’ the Wildebeest or not. 

If it is, he has fallen victim to the

laws of the jungle since 2013. 

He learned, the hard way, that cats

move quicker than wildebeests can.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Double-Letter-Words





The first of my nature structures…

 was shown to us while in Africa’s

Kruger National Park.

However, one does not need to travel

that far to spy a web. 

These two were sighted in and around Geelong.

 This one was overlooking Geelong’s

Queens Park Golf Course

The temperature dropped to -3 degrees Celsius.

There was a real pea-soup fog and

I did not get my sunrise photos because

of the aforementioned conditions.

Had to guess your link Cee. 

Will be away for a few days so need to schedule posts.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Structure





Nothing like ‘Mod Cons’…

to keep drinks and edibles chilled.

No matter how hard the sun shines, some mornings 

Mother Nature wins with frosts like this

and it takes a while to warm up.


It was only chilled air that could have helped

form this horizontal icicle about a decade ago.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Chilled





Patterns from anywhere.

King’s Cross Station, London. 

Platform four and three-quarters, I believe.


Foyer of our hotel in Naples.

A church wall in Nice.

From Nice, again.

Wall patterns in York.

Again from York.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Patterns





This is not my first post from…

however, it may be the first devoted solely to

Balyang Sanctuary, a wetland reserve

within Geelong city limits.

From the car park this tree

is one of the first sights

a visitor may see.

Usually there are birds surrounding its base.

This visit it was seagulls.


 There are two…


bridges to cross to the far side of the sanctuary…a short walk.

  Often visitors spread a blanket in this area…

 and enjoy a picnic, some solitude or the views.

That’s if you can ignore a myriad of birds

talking to each other in the trees overhead.

I find the Balyang Sanctuary inhabitants

provide many photographic opportunities.


 Even better, I don’t need  to ask permission

to take their photo.

 And if I do take a photo, the subject is unlikely

to tell me to delete a photo should they think

I had pointed the camera in their general direction.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Outdoor-Walks-or-Roads