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Coloured version…

of Cee’s BW Thursday.



General Motors Holden..Australian made circa 1960s

1978 ish Commodore

Could be my second car.

A 1975 Holden LH Torana.



My current ride a 2014 SV6 VF Commodore.

Manufacture is now off-shore.

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Hope you enjoyed.





Black and White Challenge:



Due to a lack of motor/engine photos,

I opted for the definition of motor which refers to motor cars.

Beginning with a Oldsmobile. 

Haven’t a clue really, but the number plates read MYOLDZ, so….

Not a car specialist so appreciate any errors corrected please.

A Buick if I have read the badge correctly.

A Chevvie.

This one, as are all to follow, is an

Australian made Holden

from the early to mid sixties.

An early Commodore introduced in 1978.

The mid-sized 4 cylinder Commodore was not a huge success,

from memory, in Australia

My second car.

A LH 1975 Torana.

Finally, my current ride.

The SV6 version of the VF Commodore

The last of the Australian made Commodores.   

Because some of these vehicles look much better in colour

they will also feature in my Wordless Wednesday post,

scheduled for one hour after this post.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Motors




Black and White Tuesday16-1129


Black and White Tuesday

 November 29, 2016


Some more of those cars…..


And very little ….


to be said about them, because I don’t know…


 the make of the cars…and it’s late.




Hope you enjoyed.






I have probably cheated a bit this week.

I’m not sure if a walk around a Car Show qualifies as a walk


However, it was a nice way to spend an hour or so…


and admire some of the cars on display.

meredith_car-show_3730aIt is a bit sad when one remembers riding in the now vintage cars.



Jo’s Monday Walk


Black and White Tuesday16-1122


Black and White Tuesday

 November 22, 2016


Thanks to Facebook I discovered that there was

a Car Show about a half hour drive from home on Sunday


I will Demonstrate my knowledge early on as I haven’t

a clue what the other cars are.

This is an EH Holden built in Australia in the early 60s.

Dad had one of these around that time.


I probably should know…


I think this is a Ford Falcon GTS from the 60s or early 70s also.

I’m a General Motors Holden man myself and apart

from some of the Holdens my car knowledge is limited.


 Coloured versions Here