Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Phone-and-Computers


My contribution for this week’s

Phone – Computers



My computer is my subject this/last week’s post.
Comp_1852It is a devastating feeling when that blue light is no longer flashing,

or flashing  but with no result on the monitor.
Computer_0315My monitor was not working and in an effort to fix,

or diagnose the problem part in here,

I did not re-seat the RAM correctly after testing it.

Number 2 son, plugged in power,

flicked the ON switch…and weeellll…

that really was the end of my computer.

4 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Phone-and-Computers

    • Yes it was OOPS! However, it (the computer) has been a problem for sometime now…getting slower etc. so now I have a new motherboard etc, Windows 10 also. Guess what? Photoshop Elemnts 13 is not compatible with Windows 10…it wants to update at launch or shutdown. And even though I have only had PSE13 since Feb/March, I have to purchase PSE14…the compatible version. As I tap away on my iPad I think of all the free OS updates Apple have sent me since I purchased it. All of which cause minimal problems. I do hope Microsoft, and Adobe, have systems in place to pick up this grumble. 😝


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