Sadly, or otherwise,

I am now at a stage of my life…

…where I can say that these first two images

are two of the first wheels I remember.

Equally sadly I remember setting about wrecking

a buggy of this era about sixty years ago.

My guess is that this wheel belongs to what my Father

would have called a bullock dray.

Windmills, not quite like this one,

were the life line for or our livestock

during long hot, dry summers.

As Dad  and I each began to age, it was yours truly

that took the lead in climbing up the mill

to give it a regular grease and oil change.

For some reason it was always a windy day

and even with the mill cut back the wheel

would be turning at a dangerous speed

and would need stopping by hand.



I still remember Dad spending a day changing oil

and greasing all relevant bearing prior to

a 300 kilometre trip to Melbourne to visit relatives in the 1950s.

And when in 1977 I hopped into my first car

and drove 400-500 kilometres to work

without the said greasing of bearings,

he was amazed that I could do just that.





Some of the technology…

…we all use to…


…create our photography posts…

…each day or week.




During The Great War,


…Prowse Point was one of the sites where,

in 1914, a Christmas truce

came into effect for a few hours.

Soldiers in both trenches began singing Christmas Carols.

After that connection was made these same soldiers

decided to have a game of football/soccer.

I suppose we could have borrowed a ball

and had a few kicks in memory of that event.

However, I don’t think it would have felt right.




It has been a sad week for most of the world.

It was hard to believe that

Notre Dame de Paris

was burning when we woke

on Monday morning.

No more worship for a while,

although the President of France

assures us

Notre Dame de Paris

will be rebuilt in five years.

More photos in each of these posts.

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Apart from Bill Haley the only rolls I think of are hay rolls.

After man handling small square bales

for most of my working life

it was a Godsend when these came on the scene.


And just before we  moved off the farm I had this lot for sale.


This sort of money would have been wonderful.





These rock piles received a noticeable write-up

in local papers a few yeas ago.

I must have missed the part that said

they were created by tourists.


Dry stone/rock wall fences


A rather dark shot of the

Gibsons Steps

area near

The Twelve Apostles



Not far out of Geelong you will find Dog Rocks.

A popular spot for photographers

and night photography.