I have one return I would rather not see again…

…and that is supermarket shelves like these.

And I am looking forward to getting out

for some early morning photography again.





For many years my desire was to own

a Black and Tan Kelpie…

Early December 1988 my wishes came

to fruition when I was offered a pup.

The smallest pup in the litter ran out

and claimed my foot.

MGW named him ‘Brandy’.

He was so loyal, would only work for me

and died suddenly one September night in 2001,

just after his first litter of pups, that we knew of,

were born.

I kept a female from that litter.   

She was called Ginger and has featured here

until her untimely death in October 2015

For a combined total of 27 father an daughter

kept me company on the farm.


Ginger also kept me company anytime

I took my ute on an errand. 

She enjoyed visiting McDonalds and I’m sure she 

is reminding me to get her a junior burger.

For just over four years now it has been

Taji (Labrador) and Candi (Kelpie) occupying

pride of place in the backyard.

Neither would know what work means,

but they are more affectionate

than any farm dog I have known

as farm dogs were workers first

and pets second.





Some images from our travels

during the past decade.





In June 2020 we were supposed to be

visiting Africa again.

While we are in good health….

…the Safari has been postponed…

…until next year…hopefully.





a feeling of expectation and desire
for a particular thing to happen


No matter what size the aircraft is…

…I always find myself offering up…

…a silent prayer of hope and…



once on the ground or at cruising altitude.

The last thing any of us want is

to end up like this piece of

garden art on Geelong’s outskirts.





Whenever I see a mob of sheep

I think of farming days…briefly,

…until the realization that it only takes a cold,

wet break in the weather to wipe out

many of the lambs.


 These cubs bring about warm, fuzzy feelings

of how lucky we were to see them

and their mother..

A similar feeling comes when viewing most of

my African animal photos.

Although vets had to put Limpy down less than

twelve months after this photo was taken,

I will never forget the feeling as she turned

her head and looked straight into my cameras lens.

We were travelling in an open side vehicle.

She was only about twenty feet from me

and I can still feel the goose bumps

covering my body as this image was taken.

Limpy was the mother of the two cubs.





My favourite spread is Vegemite.

To date I have yet to meet any other nationality

that genuinely appreciates Vegemite.



I will concede many Australians don’t like Vegemite. 

For example MGW only uses it sparingly,

whereas I like to see a good thickness of it

spread on my morning toast.






*  a unit of linear measure equal to 3 feet (0.9144 metre).
*  a cylindrical spar, tapering to each end,
slung across a ship’s mast for a
sail to hang from.

Several images of our back yard….

…which has nothing to do linear measurement…



…unless we wanted to calculate the area

of our yard in square yards.

I have often heard the phrase,

When the sun came over the yard arm.


Until, today I had never quite known what it meant.

However, Google tells me that the horizontal arms

are called yards from which sails are hung.





Not which set of numbers denotes

the last time we will see numbers

on a birthday cake.


Clock faces are always…

…good for numbers.

Modern numbers on an old building.


I think this was captured on

the outskirts of Melbourne.


Finally, number I like to have in my pocket.

Emphasis on like  🙂