Before and After

‘Fuzzies’ 🙂

The original soft focus flowers.



I posted this fairly recently.

Same photo with a heat map filter.

Colours could be adjusted if needs be.

Personally a reasonable abstract(ish) image

in my opinion.

And two re-posts from last week.

The sharp version.

And a lot of fuzziness applied

courtesy of Photoshop.




First up a couple of…

…creepy crawly photos, which…


….through bokeh show a focussed subject…

…and a very blurry background.

A week or so back I did a late afternoon round of the garden

and captured these erlicheer jonquils.

Although fill light is lacking,

they are definitely the focal point.

Now to create some focus.

I was focussing on the auger when

I captured this scene recently.

And this is the result after attacking this image

with Photoshop for this challenge.



Considering we are at the opposite end

of the seasonal roundabout,

most of my photos, this week,

are of waterfalls

Because Victoria Falls was mentioned in the challenge,

my first image is of Victoria Falls.

I believe the stream of water in the foreground

is known as Devil’s Kitchen (not certain) and this

is erosion taking place to prepare a new site

for Victoria Falls.

As is visible in this photo there at least

five other sites of the Victoria Falls.


Hopkins Falls.

At 90 metres wide it is one of Victoria’s widest falls.

Athabasca Falls

near Jasper, Alberta,



Maligne Gorge Falls

also found in

Jasper National Park,




Rhine Falls in Switzerland.


Huka Falls,

near Taupo,

New Zealand




So, while the northern hemisphere is taking Autumn/Fall images,

these were taken in our garden just before

sunset on Tuesday September 3, 2019.

Leucadendron…a member

of Protea family.

Not only are these Snow Drops,

but today Google says they are

Giant Snow Drops.

A memory from the farm.


Not sure if these a ex-farm flowers or

purchases made since moving.

However, I first saw the Winter Rose

after I said ‘I do!’




A random series of images of Melbourne.

Melbourne Skyline



Melbourne skyline from Williamstown Marina.

A laneway busker

Bourke street from Southern Cross Railway Station.

Laneway art

St Kilda Pier



Melbourne by the Yarra River


Bourke Street Mall busker.

Finally, sunrise on Melbourne

from our hot air balloon flight.





above the level of the head; in the sky.


Two photos which are both

14 hour flights from Australia.

African Hawk-Eagle soars above me

in Kruger National Park.


From Butchart Gardens.