The gentle slope…

…of this Bullecourt field…

DC Photography 17

…so peaceful and calm…

…was the scene of so much death… 

…and bloodshed…

…during World War I.




Images from

Mt Rigi….


…in Switzerland


Mt Rigi overlooks

Lake Lucerne…



…and is so steep…

…that the cow have shorter front legs.




Mostly Geelong sunsets with

a few others variety.

Sunset over Namibia,

Chobe River,

Botswana, 2014.

Geelong sunset.

Our first sunset for 2019.

Geelong sunset.

Geelong sunset.

Alaskan sunset, 2018

Alaskan sunset, 2018.

From memory the Alaskan sunsets

were taken around midnight.

South African sunset, 2013

Sunset from the Sky Tower


New Zealand

Geelong sunset

Point Lonsdale Pier

and Lighthouse

at sunset.




I may be a bit off the mark this week.

However, these are two two photos each of which

has been shown here in its original state

and after I had played around editing it.

I had just installed a copy of Photoshop Elements

on my computer and was learning how to use it…still am.

On the outskirts of Geelong there is an old paper mill.

This is the interior of one building straight out of camera.

After it was brightened it look a bit over exposed..

…so today I tried to quieten the sunshine a bit.

For the few minutes spent working on this today

I think it is probably the pick as long

as the original is not around


I thought this image was spoiled by all

the ‘moderns‘ in the background.

That is; car, fence and sign

A few hours of tedious work and this was my posted result.




Like sheep to slaughter…

…we followed guides through

crowded Roman streets.


Turning a corner more tourists,

however, we were there/here.

People, people everywhere taking their

Trevi Fountain photos…


…then consulting their Rome ‘must do’ lists

before moving onto to the next crowded attraction.




What would grocery shopping be without….

….shopping trolleys with four wheels

all wanting to go in a different direction.

Summer is on the way along with

many of my favourite fruits.

This shot a market in Arras, France

If I had not had such a large breakfast

I would have sampled these also at

our morning tea stop in 2016.


I am not a fan of water melon, however,

there is always water melon in the fridge

during summer, for MGW’s palette.


And our home grown crop of cherries.

It’s a bit hit and miss.

Sometimes birds get them before we do.

Last year, our dwarf cherry tree,

produced 3 or 4 kilograms.

They did not last long.



A bluestone Shed.

Burke’s LuckPotholes…


…in South Africa’s

 Blyde River Canyon.

Back on Victoria’s South West Coast,

the limestone of Lochard Gorge…

…and the Gibson Steps draw

thousands of tourists each year.