Awesome Easter Sunday


This year without any ties to the household on Easter Sunday we decided to eat out for breakfast before Easter Sunday church.  MGW duly phoned number two and wished him/them, a Happy Easter.  Number one entered the property market a few months ago and number two decided to move in/out and share the expenses.  Cheap rent, I think he called it.  Couldn’t have been charged much less than he was at home.  After he was told that we were eating out for breakfast he thought it an ‘AWESOME’ idea to join us, particularly when MGW said she would pay!!


I am sure he is exclaiming ‘Awesome’ in the above photo.  

We were greeted by one very sleepy and another even sleepier off-spring at 0815.  The sleepiness soon vanished at the thought of free pancakes courtesy of MGW….or TGM (Their Good Mother).  I did hear it proclaimed that today should be the start of a family tradition…Easter Sunday breakfast together.  However, I think next year it was also suggested that MacDonald’s would have to do without our patronage.  But one never knows.

As our Easter Sunday draws to a close, my world time zone map tells me that it is early morning in Great Britain and nearly mid-night on North America’s west coast.  So, I think that is close enough to wish all a Happy Easter for 2014.

Daily Prompt – Bookworm-Words

Wondering what could be used for the Daily Prompt – Words.

Twenty-one has plenty of ‘curves’.

Decided to photograph; had a closer look.


A Gestalt moment followed!

AND I hope I have used the word correctly.

My university experiences lead me to believe I have.

But after Googling…??




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