the control and operation
of a motor vehicle.

Some of the volcanic cones dotting

the landscape and sighted along the

Hamilton Highway,

our main access to our farm.

Mt Elephant.

Mt Shadwell

A distant

Mt Warrnambool





Tuesday Photo Challenge



This volcanic cone is known as Mt. Elephant.

In many other parts of the world a small hill.

However, on Victoria’s Western Plains it is a mountain.



Two ‘mountains’ I have passed countless times

while driving to Melbourne and Geelong

when I lived on the farm.

Mount Shadwell at Mortlake.

Mortlake claims to be the Olivine (Peridot)

Capital of the Australia.

Whereas Mount Elephants claim to fame is that,

if you use you imagination,

that it looks like the upper portion of an elephant.

I saw a photo a few weeks ago,

taken from the other side.

Looks nothing like an elephant.

Oh! Well! 😦

Nearly forgot…these ‘Mountains’

are only several hundred feet high,

but they are quite noticeable landmarks

in Western Victoria which once was

a hot bed of active volcanoes.

These volcanic cones is all that remains

of that point in time.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Mountain


Travel Theme-Hills




Travel Theme.


The view over Lake Lucerne from…


 Mt Rigi (nearly 1,800 metres, or 5,897 ft high)…


puts the volcanic cones dotting

 Victoria’s Western Plains

into perspective.


Among others Mt Warrnambool (216 metres or 709 ft high)…

mt_elephant_0033and Mt Elephant (240-metre-high 790 ft)

are only hills when compared to the Swiss Alps

and many other Alpine regions throughout the world.

Still I like my mini mountains 🙂


Where’s My Backpack: Hills