*  the study of past events,
particularly in human affairs.
*  the whole series of past events connected
with a particular person or thing.

I doubt if my Grandfather, or any member

of the Gun Crew which fired…

…the First Shot of World War I,

thought their actions

on August 5, 1914,

at 1245 hours

(AEST-Aust Eastern Standard Time)


…write them into family history books

let alone World History books.


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a number of bullets, arrows, or other projectiles discharged at one time

It wasn’t a volley but a single gunshot…


…fired from this barrel…


…which was mounted in this gun emplacement

which was the first allied shot fired in World War I.


Recently I posted a photo taken near the

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse looking over

to this side…Point Nepean.


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An assortment of fire images…

Getting rid of the rubbish.

A fire dancer in the

United Arab Emirates.




Ready, Aim…

The FIrst Shot, World War 1, 100 year, Commemoration, Point Nepean National Park, Portsea, 5th August 2014.



The 100 year reenactment of firing

the First Shot of World War I at Point Nepean

My Grandfather was part of the original Gun Crew.




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My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Off Season


This week’s photos were taken in July and August 2014corio-bay_0142July weather is usually cold, wet and miserable.

However last July these swans and the bay in general

looked anything but winter.

first-shot_0257And what better conditions could we have had

for an outdoor commemoration of firing the

First Shot of World War 1, last August.

first-shot_0387Sunshine and blue skies made it an

ideal day for a family gathering…to remember.

point-nepean_0075This shot is taken from Point Nepean looking across to

Point Lonsdale/Queenscliff.

This stretch of water is the infamous


at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.

It looked anything but dangerous on a

winter morning in August last year.




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Cheviot Beach

On December 17, 1967, our then Prime Minister, Harold Holt,

went for a swim at Cheviot Beach.

He never returned or his body been found.


Last week was the first time I had ever seen this infamous beach.

Even on a calm, fine day the surf was rolling in from Bass Strait

rip_0089This stretch of water is known as The Rip…the entrance to Port Philip Bay.

The Point Lonsdale lighthouse marks the western side of The Rip.

All sea-born vessels need to negotiate this narrow and shallow stretch

of water which can be as shallow as 5 metres.

My school days memories tell me it was/is 6 fathoms deep.


Point_NepeanThe distance between Point Nepean and Point Lonsdale is about three and a half kilometres.

Reefs projecting from the two points reduce the navigable width to about 1 kilometre .


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At 1245, August 5, 1914…
gun_0118the gun on the right fired the first shot of World War 1.

Approximately twenty-five years later the gun on the left fired the first shot of World War 2.
wreaths_0491Today, conducted with military precision, representatives of twenty countries, descendants of the gun crew, public and politicians, gathered and commemorated this event.

wreaths_0484The ceremony ended with a wreath laying ceremony which gave descendants a moment to

remember and honour their loved ones.

 wreaths_0609Lest we forget.

We do not want it to happen again.


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