a point of time as in hours and minutes
past midnight or noon.




Time can be measured by hour glasses…

…Clock with roman numerals…


…clocks made in far away countries…


Rhineland’s Cuckoo Clock Factory

has carved wooden figurines

dancing around to mark

the hour and half hour.


And again the

Flinders Street Clocks

mark the time of the next train

on each line passing through

the Station.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Time









arrange or happen to come into the
presence or company of (someone)



An iconic place to meet

in Melbourne used to be…

‘…under the clocks at Flinders Street Station…’



Even the twenty-first century population

still appear to be waiting to meet

someone under the

Flinders Street Clocks.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Meet









Southern Cross Railway Station,


…Flinders Street Station where you…

meet under the clocks,

are both at the edge of Melbourne’s CBD.

However, at either station one can catch

the City Loop

(our underground – short as it may be),

leave the train at

Melbourne Central Station

and you will save a four block walk

from either station.

Don’t know why I haven’t thought

of that before today..  🙂


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Central





A Melbourne special spot is

the footbridge over the Yarra River.

The long sandstone building is…

Flinders Street Station where Melbournians

meet under the clocks.

The Twelve Apostles is one of my favourite spots,

which has unfortunately become too touristy for me.





Further west along the Great Ocean Road

is, Loch Ard Gorge.



At  sunrise only a few joggers, dog walkers

and photographers encroach on one’s space

at Geelong’s Griffin Gully Pier.


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Time stood still for Sunday.

Interior of a cuckoo clock.



Although I haven’t done it often, apparently

meeting under the clocks at Flinders Street Station

was a common place to meet someone

particularly during earlier part of the twentieth century. 

Analogue clocks grew old and those in power

decided to replace them with digital clock faces. 

The Victorian public did not approve and now

the clocks have a digital ‘motor’ with and analoge face. 

And we can still meet under the clocks.





Just had to submit Melbourne’s most well-known clocks

for my first submission…



Meeting ‘…under the Flinders Street Clocks...’

was a common meeting spot years ago.

Not sure now though.  Mobile phones make it much

easier to connect with someone in the city.

A couple of decades ago “they” were going to, or did,

change the analogue clock faces to digital.

Public outcry either stopped the change or had it reversed.


Checked Wikipedia to see if I was correct…not far away.

Wikipedia extract:

The original indicator clocks were removed from service in 1983 as part of a redevelopment of the station, with their replacement by digital displays planned.

An outpouring of public outrage and sentimentality saw the decision reversed within one day.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Clocks


Weekly Photo Challenge-Symbol



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A drive along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

will take you past the Twelve Apostles…


which have endured for thousands of years against

all that Mother Nature could throw at them.

Flinders-St-Stn_0064I did post these photos last week because they depict a

symbol of Melbourne…

Flinders-St-Stn-clocks_0064particularly for Baby Boomers and earlier generations.

lighthouse_1190Finally, for many sailors in years gone by

the light emanating from these buildings

would have been a symbol of safety.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Door



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Doors from Geelong and Melbourne this week.

door_1943A Catholic Church door.
door_1855A Uniting Church door,

both found in Geelong.

door_0478A bright splash of red stood out against

the drab colours of old Melbourne

during last weekend’s Laneways walk.

I would have taken a full length shot except

for a bright red car parked in front.
door_0494Eye catching for other reasons is this

wrought iron and solid wood door.

Flinders-St-Stn_0064It could be argued that Flinders Street Station (above)

and Southern Cross Stations are

the railway doorways to Melbourne.

Eastern Victorian Rural trains carrying passengers

to Melbourne terminate at Flinders Street,

while Southern Cross Station caters for

passengers arriving from the west of the state.

Flinders-St-Stn-clocks_0064My parents often talked about

meeting under the clocks at Flinders Street,

in mid last century.

However, today meeting under Flinders Street clocks

is still common.

Those who know better, several decades ago,

decided to upgrade the clocks to digital format.

I think this may have cost a clock winder his job.

I am fairly certain that public pressure brought about

a return of a digitally operated the clock face.

Flinders Street Station’s other claim to fame is that

 was the first railway station in an Australia City

(Thank you Wikipedia)