(in Christianity and other monotheistic religions)
the creator and ruler of the universe
and source of all moral authority;
the supreme being.




These images…

…were captured…

…from God’s Window…


…which overlooks…



the Blyde River Canyon…


…Nature Reserve.


God’s is the closest I have…

for this week’s Gods theme.










an opening in the wall or roof of a building or vehicle,
fitted with glass in a frame to admit light or air
and allow people to see out.


A window doorway.

Whatever you call it Maggie approved.


The view from

Gods Window

over the

Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

South Africa

This window just had to be photographed.

It is the view out Buckland’s BnB, about a five-minute drive

from the Hobbit Movie Set near Matamata,

New Zealand

When booking our Rocky Mountaineer options…

…we decided to pay the extra for the Gold Leaf experience…

…as carriages with windows in the roof were

all that we had ever seen advertised.


The less expensive, Silver Leaf Carriages have a restricted view…

…with windows only in the sides of the carriage

and meals are eaten in your seat.

Gold Leaf guests have a downstairs dining room.

The above image shows one Gold Leaf Carriage

on the extreme right.

The lower row of windows is in the dining area.

The front 5 or 6 cars are Silver Leaf Carriages.




Coffee shop


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:...Window








I think it may have been divine intervention

that made this image possible.

Day 1 and the peak was covered in clouds

while we visited Denali National Park.

The next day as we were travelling to Fairbanks

our coach driver pulled over so

we could capture shots like this one, of

North America’s highest peak

Alaska’s, Mount Denali. 


The Million Dollar View at

Banff Springs Hotel


Golden Plains between

Geelong and the Western District.


And the views from…


…from God’s Window over South Africa’s

Blyde River canyon…

…can only be described as divine.









Black and White Challenge.


While cruising the Swan River (Perth-Fremantle)

we were shown large, expensive properties

built on the river’s banks.

My next photos are known as God’s Window.

Located a short drive from

Mount Sheba Resort…

…in South Africa’s, Blyde River Canyon,

the views are spectacular

totally befitting a view through

God’s Windows.

If ever you are going to visit New Zealand’s

Hobbit Movie Set at Matamata,

be sure to consider

Bucklands Air BnB.

Only a five-minute drive and you are

in a world of Hobbits.

The image above is taken through

the window of Bucklands BnB.








Three windows,

three countries…

An area known as God’s Window,

overlooking South Africa’s

Blyde River Canyon.



Our window view at Buckland’s BnB,

Matamata, New Zealand,

near the Hobbiton Movie set.

Westminster Abbey, London,



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In 2013…

…we visited an area known as God’s Window near Graskop…

 …which is located in South Africa’s,

Mpumalanga Province

Mpumalanga Province is divided into three districts.

God’s Window is in the District of Ehlanzeni.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  District





Two continents and one island this week.

A scene from Day  2 of our

Rocky Mountaineer Train trip

to Vancouver, June 2018.

Whistler ski slopes, Canada, June 2018



Across the Pacific Ocean

and much closer to home is

New Zealannd’s…

Mount Ruapehu,

which is an active volcano

in Tongariro National Park.

New Zealand’s North Island’s major ski resorts

and only glaciers are too be found on Mt Ruapehu.

Across the Indian Ocean is the Mt Sheba Resort.

And a not too long drive from Mt Sheba

is an area known as God’s Window. 

Stunning views



Sausage Tree Safari Camp…

…we were able to admire the Drakensberg Mountains

and enjoy a drink  or meal while doing so.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  The-Great-Outdoors




Black and White Challenge.


A variety of windows, both old and new

Looking out to the street through

the inner stain glass windows.

It was through these doors/windows

that a hail storm blew in

with hail stones landing twenty feet

inside these doors.

Views of the Swan River Bank in Perth, Western Australia.

There was a housing complex similar to this which,

we were told, belong to one family only.

Another Swan River scene.

Number 2 Son had the camera this day as we drove

around our second tree plantation.

 Same paddock a couple of weeks ago.

Only this time trees have been harvested and poisoned

in preparation for planting new tube stock.

I nearly took a selfie as our Georgian (USA) born

Plantation Manager acted as chauffeur.

Finally, this photo is tagged as God’s Window

which we visited while in South Africa.

Stunning views as is befitting such a window.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Looking-through-a-Window




Weekly Photo Challenge-Window


My contribution for this week’s challenge.

This week

God’s Window.



For my Window photos this week…


I chose to post photos taken…


at God’s Window, in South Africa.

GodsWindow_0107On a clear day…

GodsWindow_0109it is possible to all the way over Kruger National Park…GodsWindow_0111

and into Mozambique.

GodsWindow_0113God’s Window is one of the most scenic vantage points…


 in South Africa and is situated along the Panorama Route…


 in the Mpumalanga province.






God’s Window is only one of…


several spectacular viewpoints…


along the Blyde River Canyon.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Window



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Weekly Photo Challenge-Grand


After a slightly biblical theme last week I will continue with a visit to

God’s Window

this week.


God’s Window and several other attractions  were on the journey from

Mt Sheba Lodge to Sausage Tree Camp

God's_Window_0124If that is not exactly a direct path, it may have something to do with some of us requiring access to a bank for the first time since we arrived.


I think it would be safe to safe that the view is grand, to say the least…


…and Mozambique is visible in the distance…

God's_Window_0128…though exactly where I am not sure.

God's_Window_0129…I was too busy taking photos.



God's_Window_0132Hope you enjoyed this these views as much as we did


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand



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