Melbourne skyline from…

…Williamstown Marina

…a hot air balloon

…the Geelong-Melbourne Ferry Service



Moorabool Valley…

…on a foggy morning.

…when the fog has lifted


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Skyline-City-Country







hay roll


With the correct equipment these hay rolls are

far easier to handle the than small square bales.

Depending on the size of the roll they are

equivalent to between 10 and 25 small bales.

The day I carted these rolls

I barely raised a sweat.


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Roll








an event or item that is out of the ordinary
and gives great pleasure.


With a good crop of cherries

in the fridge this year….

MGW decided to make some of the riper fruit

into a cherry pie…our first ever.

2020 will now always be remembered as

Cherry Pie year and COVID will be

wiped from our history books.

This is the last bowl of the

2020 culinary treat.


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Treat








in or after a short time


In April 2020 we had to postpone

our June African Safari.

It was postponed until June 2021 which,

at the time, seemed a long way off.

However, with a COVID outbreak in Sydney,

and both hard and soft border closures along

with quarantine procedures being introduced

at the drop of a hat, I think the sooner we can

hopefully postpone again, the better.


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Soon








the whole series of past events connected
with a particular person or thing.


I doubt that my Grandfather, or any of his colleagues realised that

they were making history at 1245, August 5th, 1914

when they fired The First Shot of World War 1.

Nor would they have contemplated that 100 years henceforth…

…their descendants would gather at Point Nepean…


…for a re-enactment of that day to remember fallen loved ones

and those that had their lives shortened

after serving in The Great War.


One Word Sunday Challenge:…History








relating to or characteristic of a particular season of the year.


Back in September/October I would have posted

this image as seasonal.

A few years ago the camera club to which I belong

found cheap day return airfares to Sydney.

Even though the christmas season was with us

Manly’s Beach was crowded with sun lovers

trying to escape the early summer heat.

However, there is only one season…


…during which these ornaments are…


…on display in our house.


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Seasonal







Night shots from a variety of places.

Big Ben and Parliament House

from the London Eye

Arras Bell Tower and Place des Heros



Our night cruise on the River Seine

gave us a multitude of river-side parties…

annd a different perspective

of the Eiffel Tower.

The drive back to our hotel took us past

the Arc de Triomphe…

…and also city lights.

After arriving in Dubai at 0400,

we had a quiet day…

…prior to  boarding a Dhow for a…

…Dubai Creek Dinner Cruise.

Just a few colourful images…

…from our Diner Cruise on…

…Dubai Creek.

Night two saw us on a desert safari and dinner,

with entertainment provided by a fire dancer…

…and a belly dancer.

A great time was had and if you don’t mind

sand from horizon to horizon you

will love the experience.


I’m not a fan of sand.


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Night







According to the movies many young women

dream of being whisked away by a…………..

For a few minutes I thought I was going

to call this a Whatchamacallit.

It isn’t what I thought it was.

Thank you Google.


This one beat me.

In fact up until I saw this a few years ago

I would never have thought it possible.

It is wooden and part of a much,

much larger piece of the puzzle.

Final clue….it is hollow.


Keep scrolling down for answers…


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Whatchamacallit


A table littered with

Whatchamacallits and Thingamabobs






a knight in shining armour

a horse collar

a wooden town water pipe







Commencing with and shot of the ocean…

…which has encountered Photoshop or Picasa.

Local Parrots have provided the colour…


…for the balance of my post.

Parrots were found at several of

Geelong’s Wildlife Sanctuaries or

at Horsham (inland) Botanic gardens


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Colour