a follower or underling of a powerful person,
especially a servile or unimportant one.

Labradors know very early on

that Kelpies are their minions.


I have yet to see a Kelpie recognise this simple fact

until they get a good sharp belting from

the Labrador in question. 

Candi received hers while I was in hospital in October 2019.   

She dragged a hind leg for around six weeks

and was subservient for several months thereafter. 

However, she commenced showing signs

of forgetfulness a few months back

and began to snapping at Taji again. 

It is only a mater of time before Round 2. 

Really, it’s a toss up which memory is shorter.

Candi’s or a gold fish.









Last September I purchased some budget priced

Ozito tools, one of which was a tool

I had often seen but never owned. 

A nail gun.

It only takes small nails but will be ideal for

a couple of upcoming projects.


Seeing how well my little nail gun worked

I began researching one to hold

bigger/longer nails. 

It was going to be a birthday present

from Me to Me!


A tad extravagant, I thought,

but it was a special birthday,

and it would take hitting shaking fingers

out of the equation.   

So I was both surprised and delighted to find

that MGW had bought one for my birthday.

Yes, a brand new Ryobi nail gun was waiting

for me on my birthday. 

It made nailing the framework for a box/seat

I am making so much easier.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Something-New








Too neat for my shed.

These tools were donated to the Men’s Shed

of which I am a member.

I feel certain that there would be some of these

in the trailer, maybe in the green toolbox.



Not a portaloo but a decorated public loo in Geelong.



Whichever way you use the term ‘wheels

this is a nice set.

I often refer to my utility as my four wheel trailer.

This was taken when completing a project

during lockdown No.2 during last winter.

Note the rakes, shovels and spades etc

hanging from the shed wall, while those in use

for the project are temporarily living

in the back of the ute.


I do  have a  red plastic jerry can for fuel.

However, too hot to take a special photo,

so I settled for my red plastic covered nail gun.