Many years ago while growing up near

the Misery Creek Bridge…

…I could feel a connection, a bond, if you will,

forming between us.

This feeling, I discovered, was mutual.

The bond became so strong that eventually

we fell for each other.


As I moved toward her embrace,

I tripped and fell.

We had left it far too long.

I realised we were too old.

She reached out to try and save me.

She was not strong enough and plunged

into the Creek bed under my weight.

Today we are but an attraction

to be photographed and pitied

by locals and passers by alike.

A tree fallen for a bridge,

a bridge fallen by a tree.







About 5 or 6 years ago, while walking along

Eastern Beach precinct...

…I leaned over and took this image of the sea.


Not long thereafter a challenge to create

a CD cover was announced.

A few clicks of the mouse and suddenly

my cover was ready.

Although not square it’s

definitely in the

Forgettable to Favourite



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