I went searching for

Valentine’s Day Roses

on Friday afternoon at a nearby

Safeway supermarket.

The source of these roses

from previous years.



Lockdown panic buying had already set in,

and there were no red roses.


I had to settle for these, which are a colourful bunch

of what I will call typical garden flowers.

So happy Valentine’s Day to MGW

our 37th since we met.





Warrnambool Breakwater protects Lady Bay

from the raging seas of Bass Strait.


The domed shaped concrete roofing

once housed an underground aquarium.

The aquarium was located at the

extreme right (lands end)

of the breakwater.









These shoes appear to have been left behind.

I have been told it is a sign,

to those in the know,

that illicit substances

may be procured nearby.


First glance it appears that someone has left a purse behind..

Second glance reveals that it is solid concrete

and the artist has done a wonderful job.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:...Lost-Left-Behind








It  took a while to see the personality

in Africa’s Yellow Billed Hornbills. 

For a time I thought they looked fierce… 

….like its cousin the

Monteiro’s Hornbill.


The ugly duckling of the hornbills is

the Ground Hornbill, an endangered species,

which looks more like a turkey to me.


Ground Hornbill

These ugly ducklings have a pop of red

around heir eyes and head…


And I’m sure many a woman

would kill for those eyelashes.




In our own backyard,

both literally and figuratively…

…we have a family of…

…New Holland Honey Eater’s in residence.

They can be found frequenting our native trees

when in flower.


I’m  not sure if this is Mum or Dad,

but it was talking to the family teens

is my guess….and getting nowhere..













Flowers decorating the a church

at last Thursday’s wedding.


Good thing the wedding was held on Thursday

as all of Victoria was back in stage 4 lockdown

at 11.59 PM on Friday for only 5 days.

However, that did not supermarket chaos.

The UK virus is in Melbourne and at the time of

writing only Melbourne has been declared a red zone.