As I live Down Under and it is now Autumn

I decided to post an Autumn theme this week.

When on the farm it was always said that if

Autumn rains came before St Patrick’s Day,

they were too early.

If they came after St patrick’s Day,

they were too late, and

if they came on St. Patrick’s Day,

they would spoil the races.

This was as close to a St. Patrick’s Day autumn break,

in weather, we have had for many years.

This is our back yard after 50 mm, 2 inches of rain

had fallen on the March 19 and 20.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Spring 




It All Depends On What You Want


As the title of this week’s Challenge states

It All Depends On What You Want

I have posted this not long ago, with this first photo being

2 stops, I think, over exposed.

1 stop over…

This one at correct f/stop.

the last two photos being 1 stop…

and 2 stops underexposed.

I think all photos have something going for them.

It really does just come down to a matter of taste


A Photo a Week Challenge: 







During our travels we sighted many hands.

Hands holding messages, usually meant…

that we should be watching these hands as well.

Then there holding hands, and…

and gesturing hands.

These could be mistaken for praying hands…

but there was only once that we prayed for a decent feed.

Finally hands….

waiting for next course!


A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands




View From My-Front Verandah


At the right time of the ear, if one sits

on the outside window ledge…


our weeping cherry will fill your senses…well

at least sight and smell.


sunrise_0002July 29, 2015 and the morning sun was streaming

in under our verandah and into our living room

as it does most mornings.



From our front door visitors pass our Japanese Garden.

We attempt to rake the gravel as it should be

in a true Japanese Garden, however all was well

for about two minutes,

then Maggie (our Labrador at the time)

decided to inspect the site.

Our best efforts to keep her off our new creation

were met with a hearty wag of her tail

and she continued across, around, up and down.

We gave up!


Also from our front door and under the verandah

February 15, 2017 sunrise.


A Photo a Week Challenge: View-From-My-Front-Porch






When we arrived at La Place

(whether in Belgium or The Netherlands I don’t remember)

it felt like…


 we, no, I was still digesting a hearty breakfast.


 Sad to say that I did not sample any of these

for the above reason.

However, my mouth waters every

time I see the photos.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Edible






I think my first photo will…


indicated which country…


and city we are in this week.


I have been wanting to use this image for a while.

Over $AUD3.00 to sit down for an hour!?

And yet there must have been 50 or more

deck chairs just waiting for a sitter.

Or maybe the empty ones belong to those Londoners

who purchased a Season Ticket for just under $AUD180.00.


Bright red London bicycles.


 And finally the London Eye, just on dusk.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Red






While in Rome we visited the

Vatican City’s, Sistine Chapel

and environs.


We were entralled by the detail in all the art work…


 before we ventured indoors.


Although we could not take photos

inside the Sistine Chapel

there were other areas where the ceilings

left us with an aching neck…and speechless.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Details