My first mask thought was towards…

…the muzzles we are now wearing in public.



Next was thoughts of mask seen in Africa. 

The first being this….


…Southern Masked Weaver.


This fertility mask adorned the wall

of our accommodation during

our last week in Africa in 2013.


Embarrassing!!!  😀


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Masks








Our 2014 visit to

Lekhubu Island

in Botswana…

…certainly occurred on a road not taken…very often.


The Makgadikgadi Salt Pan is one of the

largest salt pans in the world and…


…is all that remains of Lake Makgadikgadi,

which once covered an area larger

than Switzerland (Source: Wikipedia),

to a depth of 30 metres.



Definitely a road less taken.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….The-Road-Not-Taken




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Not quite October in our garden.

One of the crab Apples enjoying

late winter/early spring sunshine.


Mostly daisies.

Some colour nearly all year round,

but at its peak at the moment.


Pink Camellia  and Daisies.

…gender unknkown  🙂



A Photo a Week Challenge:….October




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Up Close and Personal with…


…Superb Fairy Wrens (Male)….



…and Female Fairy Wren.





Also with…

…New Holland Honeyeaters…

…gender unknown  🙂



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Up-Close-And-Personal




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Nothing like baking…

…a birthday cake.



Nothing like sunbaking those legs

to a rich shade of brown…


…after applying liberal quantities

of sunscreen.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Something-Baked




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It’s an old series which still brings

a smile to my face every time

I see it.



An interloper is sighted in Maggie’s territory

and the chase is on.




A zig and a zag,

while Maggie maintains

her straight line.



Just about made the fence line.




Brakes are applied.


Almost safe.



I’m sure they are both thinking

‘that was too close’ 

one adding

‘for comfort’

the other,

I nearly caught him,

If  i had, what then?











A Photo a Week Challenge:   Action-Series




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Earlier in the year I had planned…

to be posting, by now,

fresh and new photos from

our third visit to Africa.


However, by the end of March travel

in June was extremely unlikely

and plans were postponed.



Our plan was to visit the

Transfrontier National Park 

in Southern Botswana and South Africa…




…prior to returning to…


…Kruger and Great Kruger National Parks.


At the moment we are not betting

that we will make it in 2021…

…however, we do have

many good memories…


…to keep us going until 2022

if needs be.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Vacation-Memories




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During my youth…

….I often wondered what

made a petrol pump tick.




Therefore, there was a nostalgic moment

when I discovered this pump stripped

and ready to be admired.

To be honest I am still none the wiser

on how they work, but I do now know

what inside a pump looks like.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Nostalgic





Happiness varies depending on where I am.

On holiday…

…happiness is good food,

good company…

in good surroundings.

At home…

…happiness is playing with the dog…

…shopping online or in person.

The only condition is that I


buy something.


When that’s all done…well we can

learn from the animals can’t we?



Also at home, happiness is reading and comparing

thoughts with MGW should we happen to read

the same book or author.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Happiness-is…





When I updated my car

a few years ago…

MGW said she liked it because

the front showed ‘attitude‘.


I’m not too sure what constitutes attitude in it front.

Does the rear end show attitude?

Who knows!!


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Attitude