When I updated my car

a few years ago…

MGW said she liked it because

the front showed ‘attitude‘.


I’m not too sure what constitutes attitude in it front.

Does the rear end show attitude?

Who knows!!


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Attitude





While in Dubai I was told that ‘Burj

is Arabic for Tower.

Our impulse visit was to

Burj Khalifa…



…and our pre-planned visit was to

Burj Al Arab….

…for its 7 course High Tea,

200 metres above sea level,

in the Burj Al Arab’s

SkyView Bar.

For opulence…

…a visit to the…

…Burj Al Arab is worth every penny spent.


For sheer enormity visit the Burj Khalifa.

At over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories,

Burj Khalifa holds the following records:

Tallest building in the world.

Tallest free-standing structure in the world.

Highest number of stories in the world.

Source: www.burjkhalifa.ae/


At 555 metres (1,821 ft) high,

At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY

on Level 148 offers visitors

a wonderful opportunity to capture

unmatched views of Dubai.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Tower





Eagle eyed readers will pick where

I have merge two photos


Storm in Geelong no rain where this was taken

Again caught without a wide enough lens.

But lucky to get any shots of this rainbow.

Appeared in a hurry.

Departed at similar speed.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Rainbow





Although neither eyes or nose are on thirds intersections,

each is in a vertical third.


We only two or three Sightings of this bird.  

I believe it’s neck marks a vertical third withs eye

above the the thirds intersection.


Heads on thirds intersection.

Probably the pic of my ‘thirds’ photos.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Threes-‘n’-Threes





Some of Botswana’s…

Cape Ground squirrel…


…enjoying our leftovers.

In St. James Park, London,

lives the Grey Squirrel, which are

North American natives…


…was introduced to the United Kingdom

and now has replaced the native Red Squirrel

throughout most of Great Britain.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Squirrel






June 19, 2020.

Blue Hour.

Image taken at 0650 hours this morning

Enhanced Slightly.

Another from this morning.

Again enhanced sightly.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Anything





My first water scene is…

…nearby Lal Lal Falls.

In 2014 we visited Victoria Falls

in Zimbabwe .

Four years later, it was Alberta’s,

Athabasca Falls In Canada.

For 55 years lived less than an hour

from Warrnambool’s, Hopkins Falls.

The only time I remember visiting these falls was

when number one Son wanted some photos

for a geography assignment I set his class, in 2003.

As it was a February/March assignment,

there was little or no water flow.

  I had to wait another fifteen years and drive two hours

from Geelong to capture this photo.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Water





It could be said that

…I cheated a bit with this image.

With maximum shadow applied, an

almost a fifty-fifty light and dark is created,

This edit makes yesterday’s scene appear

more like a Hollywood battlefield scene

than it did in reality.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Light-Dark