A new hydrangea in 2020. 

Something good out of the year.


Also a newcomer in 2020

our first Gardenia.


This hydrangea was new a couple of years ago. 

Fits the them aptly though.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Something-Pretty










I posted this image in a Facebook

group with the caption… 

abandoned or not?

Or words to that effect.

Wrong caption! 

The image never made it past admin because,

we don’t play guessing games

in this group. 

I was simply wondering aloud if the

building was abandoned.

I still wonder simply because it has curtains.

But now I know! 🙂 

Yes…2020 has been strange one.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Abandoned










Images of Christmas through the years.






The first Christmas as ‘empty nesters’

it was decided to use a smaller 4 foot tall tree.  

The two who had flown the nest

were not impressed.











Like the rest of 2020 Christmas

was different this year,

enjoyable…but different



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Christmas-2020










Christmas Tree 2020.

Like the rest of 2020 Christmas is going

to be different this year, not so much

due to COVID rather  personal circumstances. 

Our eldest is in New Zealand for Christmas

awaiting the birth of the first child. 

No 2 Soon is going to lunch with his in-laws,

however, we will see him on Christmas Eve

for Carols and again on Christmas night. 

This year instead of around 20 for

Christmas lunch there will

only be eight.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Christmas-2020










One of the joys of running a sheep farm was

watching pups grow from the cute and cuddly,

to become and indispensable team member.

And little did I know, in December 1987,

just what a wonderful workmate Brandy

was going to be.



However, by February 1988, I had an inkling

there was something special about Brandy.  

About this age and size he had taken off around

the rams and mustered them.  

Rams would often stand up to or attack sheep dogs.  


As Brandy aged he became my best ever sheep dog.




The Master and the apprentice.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Working-With-Animals










Sunday was cherry harvest day/hour  🙂.


In 2019 the birds found their way through

our net and beat us to most of the crop. 

2020 came around we were prepared. 

No bird was going to find its way

into our mini cherry tree this year. 

And we give thanks for that.

Although I must confess giving thanks

for managing to starve birds of their

cherry fix does seem odd.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Give-Thanks










Some of Vancouver’s

Giant Laughing Statues…

…in Stanley Park.



A spontaneous laugh at Sydney’s

Manly Beach


Father after receiving his wig for his

74th birthday about ten years ago. 

That year he had been treated for breast and

at least one other type of cancer…maybe two. 

He celebrated his 86th birthday in mid-October.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Laughter










The joy of fishing with…

…Grandpa…or Grandson


Or the joy Father in Law expressed after

our boys gave him a wig for his

75th birthday about ten years ago. 

That year he had been treated for breast and

at least one other type of cancer…maybe two. 

He celebrated his 86th birthday about a month ago.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Joy









In 2017 I visited the World War I…

…Western Front Battlefields in

France and Belgium.

My Paternal Grandfather served on

the Western Front during that conflict. 



Lochnagar is a privately owned ‘attraction’

created  after allied forces tunnelled

under Germany’s Army and detonated

25 tonnes of explosives.

 The crater is approximately 300 feet

in diameter by 90 feet deep

and is the only surviving crater

of many other such craters,

which are now filled in.


Along the boardwalk around the crater

are these small plaques commemorating

a family member who had served on

the Western Front during

The Great War. 

In 2017 each plaque cost

GBP25 or approximately $AUD45.



After several emails, the transfer of funds

and a few months waiting for

the ‘next batch‘ to  be placed,

I now have a small memorial

to my Grandfather on the battlefields

upon which he served.



Lest We Forget.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….In-Memoriam