Six week old lions cubs annoying mum…and each other.

 From memory, these tiger cubs were

arouund three months old when

we viewed them at DreamWorld.

No idea of the age of this giraffe,

except to say that it was a baby in the wild,

in Botswana.

Considering giraffes are arond six feet tall at bith,

I would estimate this baby to be closer

to a baby than the tiger cubs…much closer.

The baby of our babies.



Twenty four or five years on, there is no way

I would put myself in this position again.

These days I am the junior by

around 25-30 kilograms.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Babies




Once upon a time these were…

…very modern items of communicating.

There was one of these located

on nearly every street corner.


The old red boxes were phased out

in favour of a modern contraption

that Superman would not be able to change in.

The advent of mobile phones

has even seen the demise of these.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Communication




My Geelong Neighbourhood.

Eastern Beach and Promenade in the background

Eastern Beach.

  At the top of the paths beach goers

are only two blocks from the

Central Business District




The Port Phillip Ferry which will provide daily services

commencing in December 2019,

between Geelong and Docklands.

This is the Docklands (Melbourne) end of the journey.


Eastern Beach Carousel.


Known locally as the Up Side Down building

this building houses government offices.

Figures 🙂


Although I have not seen this year’s

floating Christmas tree,

I believe it is on display again.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Neighbourhood





neat, confident, and skilful.



I have been to a few weddings during my life,

both in a professional capacity,  as a guest,

and more recently as Father of the groom.

I have never seen a wedding dance like this before.

Style and elegance were the best adjectives to describe

Number 2 Son and Number 1 Daughter-in-law’s

bridal waltz.

Shot at 1/30 sec exposure,  I could not use a flash

due to photographers equipment,

so not the best photo.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Stylish




Smudge is/was a very timid rescue cat when

we purchased him a few days prior to Christmas 2018.

Still is afraid of the new things in life.


During the winter Smudge and Taji

have become good friends

and gradually Smudge has been

following Taji over near our house.

This (Sunday) morning Smudge

came to within 5 or 6 metres

of the verandah and posed

while I captured this photo.

It still doesn’t take much to get him bounding

back to his home, however, he is getting better.

Perhaps he should be called

Big, Brave Puss

instead of Smudge.  🙂


A Photo a Week Challenge: Open-Topic