Two sunrises over Corio Bay.

Late August….


…and mid September.

Just enough wind to ruffle the water..


A Photo a Week Challenge: Sun-Water





Recently I visited a…

…Colac Woodcrafters Guild…


…and left in awe…

…of the work produced by members…

…not to mention the morning tea provided.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands




One of the first signs of spring

being around the corner…

…is the arrival of bulbs flowering in the garden.

Another sign is the patchwork of

golden paddocks/fields of canola in bloom.

I would love to see the surrounding area

from the air at this moment.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Changing-Seasons




An ideal ‘stacked’ image for this week.

Big Square bales of hay stacked for ease of loading onto trucks.

Google tells me that middle sized

big ‘squares’ weigh around 500 kg compared to

small square bales which weigh around 20-25 kg each.


Stacked (or stuck) macaroons.

This stacked of macaroons looked yummy.

Finally, a Melbourne stack of macaroons.

Coffee and a macaroon at Mcdonalds

is the only place I know of in the Geelong area

to enjoy one of these

waist expanding culinary delights.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Stacked




Three new photos.

I have posted similar images.

This was taken on Tuesday during a photo drive 🙂

On Wednesday our monthly Men’s Shed Lunch

was held a Buninyong, near Ballarat.

As usual my photography drive brought me in to town

on a back road where I sighted this statue. 

A tribute to the gold mining days.

Friday September 6, sunrise was a at 0657.

I thought it would be a few minutes earlier

yesterday, Friday, September 13.

How wrong was I?

Officially sunrise was 0627

Clouds on the horizon would not have helped

even if I had been on time.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Something-New




A few years ago I unwittingly

became part of a new tradition.

Number 2 Son asked me if I would like to go the movies.

However, we were not attending with the rabble,

rather we were going Gold Class.

Gold Class in Geelong is a small theatre

which only caters for 24 patrons.

We are usually in seats 15-16 or 21-22.

I had not been aware of the ‘tradition’

until the following year when I was again

asked out ‘…for our traditional movie outing…’

This year it is to be the new

Star Wars movie in December.

Yes,  I have already been asked! 🙂

The tradition continues.  🙂


A Photo a Week Challenge: Traditions




Two similar shots taken

half a world apart.

Our Camera Club cruise on Corio Bay

in February this year presented me

with this image.

The tags on this one tell me

it was taken in

Skagway, Alaska.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture