Motor cyclists at work…

…relaying images of the cyclists to the helicopter.

Marriage Celebrant at work.

Hands at work re-purposing wood.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Work




At Play…


…and along…

…the shores…



…Lake Lucerne.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  At-Play




These are close to Christmas memories.

New Year’s Eve 2015, and we

had been asked to turn this…

…old World War I Gun Emplacement…

into something suitable for No. 2 Son

to propose to his, now, wife.

With a beautiful view across

Port Phillip Bay

to Point Nepean…

…all was soon ready, with the assistance….

…of a couple of No. 2 son’s mates.

I’m so pleased that it all took place in 2015,

as this year my knee would be

holding me back.

No 2 Son was featured in the last two photos

of last week’s ‘Babies’ post


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Christmas-Memories




Six week old lions cubs annoying mum…and each other.

 From memory, these tiger cubs were

around three months old when

we viewed them at DreamWorld.

No idea of the age of this giraffe,

except to say that it was a baby in the wild,

in Botswana.

Considering giraffes are around six feet tall at birth,

I would estimate this baby to be closer

to a baby than the tiger cubs…much closer.

The baby of our babies.



Twenty four or five years on, there is no way

I would put myself in this position again.

These days I am the junior by

around 25-30 kilograms.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Babies




Once upon a time these were…

…very modern items of communicating.

There was one of these located

on nearly every street corner.


The old red boxes were phased out

in favour of a modern contraption

that Superman would not be able to change in.

The advent of mobile phones

has even seen the demise of these.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Communication