Light towers mark the

Geelong Football Club Stadium.

With a seating capacity of 36,000 this

Stadium is the seventh largest of

the 17 grounds (16 Australian Stadiums

and the Jiangwan Stadium in Shanghai)

at which

Australian Rules Football

is usually played.

Not all grounds used during pandemic












Point Nepean flag pole at the 2014

Commemoration of Firing the First Shot

of World War I,

August 5, 1914,

at 1245 hours.


 Geelong Football Stadium

home of the

Geelong Cats. 

Sadly the art work is no longer.



Technically I believe my Kalahari Scrub Robin

is in the wrong half of the frame.

It should have room to run into.

However to include its shadow

the rule had to be ignored.



Living street art in Melbourne.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Off-Centre









The boys gave me a copy of Photoshop Elements 14

when I discovered I had retired in 2015.

This is one of my efforts from early 2015.

Far from perfect..and even this morning I noticed another anomaly

between the original and my editing which

had previously gone unnoticed.

The entrance to Geelong Football Club Restaurant.It is now a car park 😦 

This is another early effort with PS.

And that does not mean my PS skills have improved.

There are three elements in the first picture….


which are missing from the final image. 

THis next image has been editing with Google’ Picasa

which is, sadly, no longer supported but

I think is a marvellous program for a quick edit.

(Colour retouch, sharpen or straighten horizon.)

Corio Bay sunrise early 2018. 

Straight out of camera.

Added some light.


Boosted colours. 

Sharpened and added vignette


Finally, straightened the horizon.

Decided to play a bit more and created this. 

Which, until I  had it printed on canvas thought looked worthwhile. 

The ‘special’ price canvas was a waste of money. 


At the time I even tried it in BW and I believe

one of my headers is from that morning.



Black and White Tuesday16-0803


Black and White Tuesday

 March 08, 2016


A few shots of Geelong’s skyline.

All shots taken thorough  windows.

The hazy sky was due to a 31 degrees Celsius temperature outside

DC Photography

Taken from the top (6th) floor of St John of God’s Hospital.

Corio Bay forms the horizon.

The old Post Office clock tower stands proudly

and just right of the new Geelong Library.


I daresay part of the hospitals ventilation system.

Another first for me.

The home of the Geelong Cats Football team…Kardinia Park.



Hope you enjoyed.



Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 7

Vertical Lines.

I have chosen a photo which I was playing around with

a few months ago for this week’s Vertical Lines challenge.

The lines could be stronger, however…here goes.

kardinia-park_0074These pieces of art grace the entry to the Geelong Football Club.

However, to my eye, there was too much empty space

top and bottom of this photo and the light tower,

while a vertical line,

was annoying as it was not my point of focus.

kardinia-park_0074bCropping helped a little by disposing of the top and bottom wasteland.

However, the car and light tower were still distracting.

kardinia-park_0074cA tighter crop, dispensing with the car and light tower in Photoshop,

improved the image.

I was feeling fairly pleased with myself at this stage…

and then that damn rubbish bin caught my eye.

kardinia-park_0074dRubbish bin removed and the picture looked much better.

At least in my opinion.

With the light tower removed the two statues/art works

on the right are more defined.

Removing the rubbish bin has also created a defined tree trunk

which just happens to also be vertical.

I have just spotted another rubbish bin.

Fortunately it is not as distracting as the first one was.

Below is  the original again.



Cce’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge:Wk-7-Vertical-Lines




Which Way Challenge-15-Wk-37


Geelong features again in this week’s challenge.

geelong-beach_0163Over looking Eastern Beach.

Visitors can drive up around the Botanical Gardens

and capture this view.

The Promenade creates a nice circular walk

around a swimming area for all…

but mainly younger people.

geelong-beach_0158This is the left middle ground of the first photo.

Nearly any day of the year visitors can be found

strolling along the path or relaxing on a bench

in the shade of one of the many palms.

train_0122Getting to Geelong from Melbourne is a comfortable

one hour journey courtesy of V/Line.

train_0149Going to Melbourne is much the same, although…

I did experience a 20 minute delay, within two minutes

 of our destination (Southern Cross) a week or so ago.

All shots taken last Thursday,

September 17, 2015.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-15-Week-37





Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-38


Odd Ball

Week 38



I have been wanting to take this shot for some time.

On Friday I had the chance.

Each tower is 73 metres tall.

Seeing the top of them pop up in

Geelong’s main street is an odd sight.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-38






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A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Bisect


These shots are hot out of the camera after a shopping morning turned into a photography expedition as well.



The trunk of this eucalyptus tree was bisected either by nature, or accident at a young age.  It is now a large tree with a huge spread courtesy of the bisected trunk.



I have driven along this road many times.  Only today did I realise that the railway bridge was bisecting my view.



I have talked about the new light towers at the Geelong Football Club’s home ground in my Weekly-Photo-Challenge-Kardinia-Park-2 post. At this distance I realised that the tower was creating a vertical bisection to the view. A second look revealed a horizontal bisection of the photo.