7 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-Photo-Challenge-Waiting

  1. After putting down his food and saying WAIT, ours will sit and stare at his food until he is told to TAKE IT. He will also stop and WAIT when we about to cross over the lane or playing a game. He sometimes loses it when we are out in the fields, he picks up a scent and no longer hears us. But we were told to expect that with a Beagle..


  2. I do like these two providing company for one another. A similar pose to waiting, apart from the eyes – I love it when dogs are told to wait, the expression in the eyes tells you they are ready to move in a split second.


    • ‘Wait’ began 2-3 years ago when they would guts their own food and look for more. We began making them wait until they were both fed. Then extended ‘wait’ until we were near the house about 25 metres away. Now they hear ‘wait’ and they immediately look for their kennel.

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