purple, violet, dark purple




…and Tibouchina again





Purple Freesias

According to Google, I have may have

hit the Amethyst theme, Terri. 

However, I would have said Amethyst

was closer to your Lupines. 

Amethyst is my birthstone and

I have never seen it depicted as

a dark coloured stone in my life

prior to today.   

I think I like the darker shades better.     😉







Fire is a friend and enemy.

It helps quickly clean up rubbish…

…and will cook meals and radiant heat

will keep campers warm.



However, in the hands of the wrong individual, it is very destructive.

This crucifix was all that was left after a series

of church fires in the Geelong area,

a few years ago.


Once upon a time, the 12 Apostles formed Victoria’s coastline.

They were formed as the sea, air and wind eroded away

softer portions of the earth and stone leaving only

the harder parts standing, which became known as

the Twelve Apostles.

Over the years the Apostles have fallen due to erosion. 

The most recent apostle to fall (in July 2005)

when a 50 metre (160 feet) high stack collapsed into the sea.

The base is still visible above the water on the left of

the Apostle in the right foreground.  


These windmills don’t look all that big…


…until you see part of it close up. 

Apparently, it is easy enough to comfortably walk

into one of these blades.