*  bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.
** a thing that bears the weight of something
or keeps it upright.
the best support for a camera is a tripod


In late October2019….

…I had my right knee replaced…

…as a consequence I had to use crutches

for support when walking

for a few weeks.


I used this tripod to support some

of my earlier, lighter cameras.

I believe it was the princely sum

of $25, or was a freebie.

Either way if you look closely

you will see it is a case of

you get what you pay for.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Support




About 1730 on Friday evening…

…these flowers were delivered for MGW

as it is her birthday tomorrow.

My first thoughts were of Number 1 Son

across the Tasman in New Zealand.

MGW sent a Facebook message to him

asking were from him.

There was noting to indicate who sent them.

His reply:

If they are beautiful,

I’ll take the credit

If not (beautiful)

My brother must have sent them.

AHHH! The joys of Boys