While in Cairns we decided to visit

Kuranda Village using the Sky Rail.

We  travelled to Kuranda via the

Kuranda Scenic railway and

returned via a Cable Car.



While we travelled down to Cairns via cable,

others were travelling up to Kuranda…

…and returning via the Scenic Railway.









the main means of mass communication
(broadcasting, publishing, and the internet)
regarded collectively.

For a few years my reading matter came

in the form of hard copy books.

Then followed audiobooks on compact discs.

Now, when I go to the library these are the books I see.

Just links to digital media files…

…which are stored temporarily on my iPad.


The school library which MGW works…

…still has a good supply of regular books.


However, hard copy is not the only

form of media available to students.


For small group work students

use these Happy Days Booths.


I’m not sure if jigsaw puzzles are considered as media,

however there are a group of students who use puzzles

for socialising and confidence building.






Knight to King three

Melbourne Zoo

Tower of London.


A Roman eagle.






From Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain  …

…owls, and…

…and an eagle.


A Geelong floor covering shop window

during football finals.

Kwa Nokeng Lodge,


This image has been tagged as a

Moorabool Valley (Geelong) tags.

Personally I think it belongs with

New Zealand images

Statue of a Tusker at

Letaba Rest Camp,

home to the

Elephant Museum,

in Kruger National Park.