from the…

Hamilton Gardens,

New Zealand.






Hamilton Enclosed Gardens

New Zealand

Moving into the…

Indian Char Bagh Garden.




This was the first of the entrances

which I noticed as suiting the garden.





A beautiful display of flowers in bloom.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday






Late on the third day of our first African Safari

we were lucky to spend time at this leopard sighting.

An unexpected ‘last night’ game drive produced

our version version of ‘Simba’ and ‘Nala’

although we called them Nosy and Rosy.

If you are contemplating seeing

the new Lion King movie….do so.


Recently I captured this rainbow.

My 18 millimetre lens was not wide enough

to capture it in one image.

This is a combination of two photos.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected





able to move quickly and easily.

One of these breeds is far

more agile than the other.However, they are a formidable pair when

their combined 60 kilograms comes

charging across the yard,

heedless that you are in their way.


Word of the Day Challenge: Agile