1.  a wall or partition designed to inhibit or prevent the spread of fire.
2.  protect (a network or system) from unauthorized access with a firewall.

When I saw ‘firewall’ I thought of the second definition.

And I don’t know of any other way of

‘seeing’ the firewall in one’s computer.

For the first definition, I believe there is a thickness

of anti inflammable material between

the motor and cabin of all vehicles,

also known as a firewall.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Firewall



The Woman in the Window


A J Finn

I am making, a little late I know, a New Financial Year resolution.  Beginning July 1st I firmly resolve to be more careful with books and authors I select to read!

The Woman in the Window by A J Finn is another of those books which I found neither enjoyable, entertaining or a page turner.  After reading page one, the only pages I wanted to turn were the covers.  Closed for ever and a day.

Fact is, from the moment I saw chapters headed as days and dates, the word “Diary” was screaming at me.

Six chapters in, and I had had enough .

One star and no more time wasted endeavouring to justify why I stopped reading.

If you really want to read The Woman in the Window, you may enjoy it.  But please consider borrowing it from your library before wasting money on a purchase you may regret.

I note that 239,000 Goodreads readers have rated The Woman in the Window as a three star read or better.  More than 110,000 readers rate it four stars.

I will be one of just over 4,000 readers who think it is one star material.




relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.
“the church is lovely for its bucolic setting”
synonyms :rusticruralpastoralcountrycountryside



I am not sure if Hamurana Lodge fits

the bucolic theme of today.

However it is location on the

outskirts of Rotorua is ideal.

If this scene is not bucolic,

then I am not sure what is.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Bucolic