Book Review-The-Tailor’s-Girl

The Tailor’s Girl


Fiona McIntosh

The Tailor’s Girl by Fiona McIntosh is the best book I have read this year; maybe all time.  Romance is combined with the trauma suffered by a returned World War 1 soldier who is suffering amnesia and shell shock, as it was known back then.  Jonesy, as the staff called him, is hospitalised towards the end of World War 1, and has no memory of anything prior to waking up in this establishment.

A friendly visitor (Eden) helps him escape from the hospital and he begins life again. Romance blooms, followed by marriage and a pregnancy.  Suddenly Alex is reborn with only flashes of memory and noises to remind him of those lost years.

The Tailor’s Girl was a thoroughly enjoyable novel.  It was well-paced and more than once I found myself sitting in our garage listening to the end of a chapter.  Narrator, Madeleine Leslay, made the nearly sixteen hours of this novel pass so quickly, it seemed more like a 7-8 hour book.

The Tailor’s Girl is definitely a five star audio book


The only negative comment is that I enjoyed The Tailor’s Girl so much it has been difficult to find a ‘next read’ that will hold my attention.


Other Goodreads readers have rated The Tailor’s Girl an average of 4.09 stars, from 1,135 ratings and 138 reviews.


Definitely a



The Tailor’s Girl

is the first novel to make

‘my favourites’ list in 2019.

The Tailor’s Girl

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lasting for a very short time

My first ephemeral thoughts turned to rainbows.

They are never the same and

the pot of gold is so elusive.



The cattle may be the pot of gold in this shot.



This rainbow appeared as I was returning to my car.

I had time to grab a camera and take

three or four hand held shots

before this rainbow disappeared.

Barely two minutes in total.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Ephemeral