(of a person, animal, or plant) living, not dead.
alert and active; animated.


While Candi may appear to be full of life while playing fetch.

She only fetches this piece of rope,

although she will chase an apple,

which when caught  is promptly eaten.


However, after five to ten minutes of frenetic activity

she is only too willing to join

the Golden Labrador’s Association

in deep sleep, dead to the world,

until her energy is restored.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Alive










A Saint Bernard at Taupo,

New Zealand

Black Cockatoo.

Black Shouldered Kite.

Little Black Cormorant.

Black Agapanthus.

Black Panther to be precise, I believe.

Queenscliff’s Black Lighthouse.

One of three in the world and

the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Black