While searching for some other photos

I discovered this Callistemon…

commonly known as Bottle Brush,

which was/is growing at the

Mt Sheba Resort in South Africa.

This one could be the Captain Cook variety.






I may e stretching the meaning of the word

but I think this fountain was bubbling.

Little sister was enjoying toe cool water

while big sister being possibly a first born

was worried about what Mum might say

when she noticed.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Bubble





Two continents and one island this week.

A scene from Day  2 of our

Rocky Mountaineer Train trip

to Vancouver, June 2018.

Whistler ski slopes, Canada, June 2018



Across the Pacific Ocean

and much closer to home is

New Zealannd’s…

Mount Ruapehu,

which is an active volcano

in Tongariro National Park.

New Zealand’s North Island’s major ski resorts

and only glaciers are too be found on Mt Ruapehu.

Across the Indian Ocean is the Mt Sheba Resort.

And a not too long drive from Mt Sheba

is an area known as God’s Window. 

Stunning views



Sausage Tree Safari Camp…

…we were able to admire the Drakensberg Mountains

and enjoy a drink  or meal while doing so.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  The-Great-Outdoors



Definitely a mistake for a stranger

to set foot in our patch of the world.

I have yet to see anyone harmed…



by the bluster and noise 🙂

In this case I think both Maggie and stranger

were happy to see the fence.


Word of the Day Challenge: Mistake