Thank you Amy for the seascape theme this week.

I have always lived only about 25 miles

from the coast, however, it is

only since moving off the farm

that I have begun to photograph

coast lines in all their splendour.

My first seven images were all taken near Torquay.

Torquay  is near Bell’s Beach …

…the scene of the Rip Curl Pro…

Surf carnival each year.


Rough seas.

Torquay wipe out


Anyone who has visited

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

will probably also…

…have visited Lochard Gorge,

named after the ship Loch Ard

which sank in rough seas

leaving only two survivors.

This day, January 4, 2013 the temperature

was 44 degrees and it was the only time

I did not feel like descending into the Gorge.

I did so only to accompany one of my

Canadian friends however the heat

was so oppressive that I ventured only to shade.

It was about then that I realised we

were no longer fit 25 year-olds.


Lochard Gorge is only…

…about ten minutes from…

…the Twelve Apostles, and…

…at the western end of the Great Ocean Road drive.

It took us until 3 PM to arrive at the Twelve Apostles

I was so pleased to use the inland highway

to return home in around two hours. 

Closer to home again is Victoria’s Surf Coast…

…provides some sunrise photography and seascapes…

…and Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.


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cause or allow (liquid) to flow over the edge
of its container, especially unintentionally.

Rhine Falls did not appear to be a large water fall.

However, the water spilling over the spillway

dwarfs the onlookers of the platform.


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