This is excellent advice.

On Thursday I did not take heed

of this advice…

…slipped, lost my footing and my back hit

either on the protruding axle or

the block of concrete before

the grass gave me a gentle landing.

If only…..  🙂


Friday Follies19-07-S4-Ep-3

This challenge hosted by Proscenium






information not previously known to (someone).

Prior to…
…visiting Paris this, a daylight view,

was the only view, I had ever seen of

The Eiffel Tower.

So it was certainly news to me

to see the Tower bathed in lights.

Let-alone this beam of light piercing the night skies...


…from its peak.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  News







Belgium’s Hill 60.

A fascinating battle ground of World War I.

I have often heard stories of soldiers from

the opposing forces having a chat across no-man’s land

At Hill 60 front lines were within a few metres of each other.



The reverse view.

From memory it is not a natural hill.

It was created by earth removal works

when the railway line

(mentioned in Wikipedia)

was constructed.


Hill 60 is a World War I battlefield

memorial site and park

in the Zwarteleen area of Zillebeke

south of Ypres, Belgium.

It is located about 4.6 kilometres (2.9 mi)

from the centre of Ypres and

directly on the railway line to Comines.