A little over three years ago

It was that time in Taji’s life.

Our Vet told us we had to ‘keep her quiet

for six weeks after her operation.

During that six weeks all Taji did was

stretch her belly as she tested

the temporary fence that was

supposed to keep her quiet.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Temporary


Crusoe’s Daughter


Jane Gardam

Recently, I chose to listen to Crusoe’s Daughter by Jane Gardam.  What a mistake!   After about ten minutes I was beginning to think of giving it the old heave-ho!  I persisted as my destination neared.  Tried again on the way home; even skipped half a track.  Good bye!

Crusoe’s Daughter began with a six year old telling a story from her point of view, describing her life, aunts, uncles, and anything else.  Really wasn’t listening after five minutes.

I often say narrators can make or break a book.  This narrator did not help, although it could be said that she did a wonderful job of mimicking a six year old girl’s voice.  It was after skipping the latter half of the first track and it the chapter commenced with, ‘When I was twelve….’, or words to that effect, that I rated it a one star book and pulled over to find another.

My final comment, after seeing so many three, four and five star ratings by other Goodreads readers, is that I have just completed a book which I rated as a favourite.

A favourite book is a hard act to follow.

That said I think I will steer clear of Jane Gardam books and this narrator in future.



About 4-5 years ago,

Number 2 son told us that he was

going to propose to his girlfriend.

AND that he needed our help.

He wanted to propose in a World War I

gun emplacement under

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.



And we were to decorate the site.

This is what we found.

Soon, with some young help, we had this…




….starting to take shape.



Lanterns and candles on the ocean side…

…and the majority of the graffiti hidden.



Unfortunately I cannot say that none of our…




….agapanthus was hurt during the decorating process.

Ocean views…Point Lonsdale Pier.


In the distance, Point Nepean, from where

my Grandfather fired the first shot of World War I.

If ever you cruise into Melbourne

you will pass through this stretch of water.


She did say ‘Yes’ and there was a wedding,

three years ago come November.


Word of the Day Challenge: Propose