I know I have posted this image many times

and also because only the church remains, now.

It appears that a car yard is

being built around the church.

It still remains one of favourites.

Today I have included this shot of the of the roof,

and only just noticed (at 2330) the blue sky.


Baobab Tree, in Botswana.

Kalahari Scrub Robin, in Botswana,

at Lekhubu Island.

Finally, a shadow at Gibson Steps,

near The Twelve Apostles.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:   Shadows






It wasn’t a whistle on top of

The Discovery II…

…the horn on top served the purpose of a whistle

during our cruise on Alaska’s

Chenna River.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Whistle




created personally by a particular artist, writer,
musician, etc.; not a copy.

Like most other bloggers my photos are my originals,

posted as low resolution copies on WoollyMuses.

This zebra, shot in Kruger National Park, South Africa,

was the first of my photos ever to be sold.



And this image of my guitar is

the only one to adorn our walls.


Word of the Day Challenge:   Original