1. take into one’s possession or control by force.
2. record accurately in words or pictures.


Must confess to never having heard of

the second definition of capture

until I began blogging.

Today I have included some

photographic captures I have made

over recent years.

DC Photography

Point Lonsdale Pier and Lighthouse after sunset.

Same location.

I was packed up and walking back to the car

when this rainbow appeared.

I barely had time to get my camera out

before it disappeared.

In my opinion…a real capture.

Finally, two sunrise photos…

…also taken at Point Lonsdale.


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a number of bullets, arrows, or other projectiles discharged at one time

It wasn’t a volley but a single gunshot…


…fired from this barrel…


…which was mounted in this gun emplacement

which was the first allied shot fired in World War I.


Recently I posted a photo taken near the

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse looking over

to this side…Point Nepean.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Volley










About 4-5 years ago,

Number 2 son told us that he was

going to propose to his girlfriend.

AND that he needed our help.

He wanted to propose in a World War I

gun emplacement under

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.



And we were to decorate the site.

This is what we found.

Soon, with some young help, we had this…




….starting to take shape.



Lanterns and candles on the ocean side…

…and the majority of the graffiti hidden.



Unfortunately I cannot say that none of our…




….agapanthus was hurt during the decorating process.

Ocean views…Point Lonsdale Pier.


In the distance, Point Nepean, from where

my Grandfather fired the first shot of World War I.

If ever you cruise into Melbourne

you will pass through this stretch of water.


She did say ‘Yes’ and there was a wedding,

three years ago come November.


Word of the Day Challenge: Propose











I ventured down to the coast,

Point Lonsdale, to be precise,

for some winter sunset shots in July 2017.

The pick of the photos were these smooth surface

of the water thanks to long shutter speed.

More often the surface of the sea is more like this.




In late 2015 Number 2 Son asked MGW and me

to complete a task for him. He wanted this…

transferred into this for a special moment in his life. 

It was to be the place he proposed to

his girlfriend…now wife. 

And so, with the help of two of his friends…

we transferred an old World War I gun emplacement

overlooking the entrance to Port Phillip Bay…


into a place WE will remember forever.

Even if they forget.  🙂

In case there are any doubting Thomas’ reading this post,

this was the outside view.

There is more I could add but will desist right now.

Have a great week.


Pic and Word Challenge: Moments

Travel Theme-Calm




 Travel Theme.

Hard to imagine that….

this stretch  of coastline produces surf beaches

on which world, surfing championships are held.


 Point Lonsdale in the morning.

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse just after sunset…

and with a nice long shutter speed

designed to flatten the ripples below.


Where’s My Backpack: Calm



Wordless Wednesday17_0607

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Point Lonsdale Sunset

Ventured down to Point Lonsdale again…

on Thursday evening for some sunset photos.

This is my favourite.

 Considering the Lighthouse was

nearly black in the original, I like the result.

However, being a bit more objective

I think the clouds are overdone.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Wordless Wednesday17_Point_Lonsdale

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I drove to Point Lonsdale on Monday,

in the hope of a good sunrise

A large cloud bank blocked any

nice reflections off the lighthouse.

But I did manage this over the water shot

of a well risen sun.


As well as these two as the sun crept higher…

into the sky over nearby Queenscliff.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Black and White Tuesday17-2706


Black and White Tuesday


I took a drive to Point Lonsdale lighthouse

on Monday morning.

Unfortunately there was too much cloud

for good sunrise photos.


Capturing the suns rays on the water was

the pick of the bunch…just because

I was able to do so.

However, the lighthouse is still

the draw card for me.



Hope you enjoyed.





A few weeks ago I visited nearby

Point Lonsdale

for a sunrise shoot.

Unfortunately there was no real sunrise until

about 1000 when the sun topped the clouds.

However, there was enough light to capture

a few half decent photos of the light house.

Just below and to the left of the middle building

is the WW I gun emplacement where

Number 2 Son proposed to his girlfriend.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Black-and-White