Commencing with…


…Moorabool Valley…


From Point Nepean with

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

in the distance.

All shipping must negotiate the

narrow and shallow stretch

of water in between as they

enter and leave Port Phillip Bay.

From the Point Lonsdale side

A freighter heading for the

open water of Bass Strait


Torquay Surf

Torquay Beach






wonderful; exciting.

It was magic that this rainbow

appeared as I was leaving

Point Lonsdale Pier. 

It lasted for around 90 seconds,

and then simply disappeared again.



It was again like magic to watch daylight

raise sun from the sea.









having an even and regular surface;
free from perceptible projections,
lumps, or indentations.

Smooth Sea at

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.


Turning a rough surface into

a smooth surface.


FOWord Challenge:…Smooth




simply black


I wasn’t too sure what to post for this theme.

So I turned to a photo of

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.


I had already converted the colour version

to black and white.


So, I simply took the BW and played around with it

until it was nearly all black.

Now I’m not sure which BW I prefer. 🙂


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Simply-Black