A Saint Bernard at Taupo,

New Zealand

Black Cockatoo.

Black Shouldered Kite.

Little Black Cormorant.

Black Agapanthus.

Black Panther to be precise, I believe.

Queenscliff’s Black Lighthouse.

One of three in the world and

the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Black



Seems I missed this one last week.

Moon set from our back door.

One of my Best and favourite moon shots.

Testing my (then) new 50-500 mm Sigma lens.

This was a handheld shot with the assistance

of a veranda post for some stability.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Moon


Wordless Wednesday18_1205-Black-Lighthouse

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


One of the world’s three black lighthouses is situated at

Queenscliff at the mouth of Port Phillip Bay.

This one is the only Black Lighthouse in the

Southern Hemisphere.


Hope you enjoyed.