Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Industrial


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto Challenge


During my youth, sighting the Geelong Cement Works

meant we only had a few minutes to drive

before Dad would stop for a break in Geelong.

cement_0528Today, however, like many of Geelong’s industries…

cement_0530it stands idle…unwanted…

cement_0535except by graffiti artists.

cement_0539Now, overgrown and uncared for…

cement_0540it is nothing more than a…

building_0196silent sentry overlooking Geelong City.

building_0002One of the industries which is thriving is the housing industry.

Here a cement slab is being poured for one of the

many of the new houses built since I moved to Geelong.

building_0002Finally, another reminder of a by-gone industry.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Industrial







Wordless Wednesday-3112-Happy-New-Year


My header says it all…


but I thought I would add a photo of this agapanthus as well.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)


Craftyspices.com_Wordless Wednesday


Black and White Tuesday-3012


Black and White Tuesday,

 December 30, 2014


Some random Black and Whites this week.

pansy_2298I think this pansy was part of a window box in Geelong.

clouds_2636Clouds over Corio Bay.

agapanthus_2675Agapanthus buds.



Hope you enjoyed.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-43


Odd Ball

Week 43


This may be a type of…

windmill_0021eco-power generator.


windmill_0023However, I have no idea of its use.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-43






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Floral Friday-14-2612-Agapanthus


Floral Friday



Agapanthus Black Panther
black-agapanthus_0003A few more photos from our garden.

agapanthus_2721These will be in full bloom in a week or two and

generally agapanthus bloom into February.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday


Again I am not myself according to WP 🙂

I receive when trying to leave a comment



I know I am me.  I’m not sure why

WordPress does not agree that I am me!!

Does anyone else have this problem?

Travel Theme-Minimalist




Travel Theme.


A photo shoot around the garden this morning

provided me with some minimalist shots.
queen-mum-agapanthus_0029One of our ‘Queen Mum’ Agapanthus

in the process of burst into bloom.

black-agapanthus_0003This ‘Black’ Agapanthus is little further along

but still not quite in full bloom

queen-mum-agapanthus_0060My favourite, a ‘Queen Mum’ Agapanthus,

nearly in full bloom.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: “Minimalist




Weekly Photo Challenge-Warmth


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



With the sun shining at a balmy twenty something degrees,

what better to do this morning but take a walk in the garden.

spider_0070I was not alone in thinking that was a good idea…

spider_070a whole family had decided to do the same.

spider_0075Although maybe the fear of being walked upon

lead them to scurry up the garden edging…


spider_0080before dashing across the mulch for the safety of a shrub.

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘talking the kids for a walk’ 🙂

By the way…these walkers are not my ‘friends’.

If I have a phobia…arachnophobia it is!