Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Landscapes


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto Challenge


A couple of times this year I had cause to journey ‘home’

to where I lived most of my life…to date.

blue-gum_0507Since the early 1920s my Grandfather and Father

raised sheep and cattle on this land.

However, my Father passed away suddenly in 2001

and shortly after, I discovered that my ‘ticker’

was not ticking as well as it should be.


I was told to change my lifestyle.  I decided

not to sell the land but to grow trees on it.

Twelve years has passed so quickly

and harvest time arrived early this year.

This was the landscape which greeted me

in February/March this year.

blue-gum_1576By early October, another change…all the stumps

had begun to coppice, and…


the landscape was again taking on the bluey green of

blue-gum_1578young Eucalyptus Globulus,

blue-gums_1587commonly known as ‘Blue Gums’

windfarm_0502Another change to the landscape around there is…

 is what is claimed to be the largest wind farm

in the Southern Hemisphere.
windfarm_1595Spread over 5,000 acres and it

consists of over 100 wind turbines.

These wind turbines can be seen for

miles as the country side could

only be described as undulating at best.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Landscapes