Melbourne to BelgiumA Melbourne busker attracts a young fan.

Another Melbourne busker.

Finally, I am still not sure if this young harpist

was busking or providing some entertainment

for a tour group visiting Brugge. 

She seemed to set up and was gone

within ten minutes,

which makes me think the music

was for a tour group.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Music


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Barns-Dilapidated-Buildings


A variety of building shots 

from the Geelong region.

Definitely an abandoned early twentieth century,

building if not earlier.

This probably does not it the dilapidated building

in the true sense of the word…

however, we were just glad it was not our place.

New owners, new broom,

no more old house.


I’m not certain what this building was…church, hall or house.

However, the pitch of the roof makes me think

it could be very old by our standards.

Bricks were first made in Australia five months

after convicts arrived and the first commercial bricks

were made at Norwood in South Australia in 1840

 Back to roof pitch…

I have been told that many ‘snow countries‘ have

roofs similar to this to assist in snow run off.

Is this true?


Finally, the closest I have to what maybe a barn of sorts.


Black and White Tuesday16-1011


Black and White Tuesday

 October 11, 2016


Last Tuesday was our last day in Dubai and we

had decided to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Level 148, 555 metres above sea level,

is the world’s highest observation deck.

The heat while on the outdoor deck is just bearable,

particularly after enjoying the air conditioning.

Although the sand/dust made views a little hazy

these photos will give you an idea of the tower’s height


52 mm focal length.


Same scene at 18 mm focal length.


250 mm focal length.


52 mm…


and 22 mm focal length.


Then we were told to move closer to the edge and look down!!!.



Hope you enjoyed.


Black and White Tuesday16-0627


Black and White Tuesday

 June 27, 2016



Hereford, or possibly Hereford cross cattle.

galah_01The Galah.

Last week’s visitor to our backyard.

Interestingly, years ago, if one’s behaviour was idiotic,

they were called galahs.

Yet I have never seen these birds act in an idiotic manner.


A species of hawk…

and a mudlark…


sharing the same power line.



Hope you enjoyed.