Cee’s Black and White Challenge:



I will wager most people saw the grass

in this photo, posted last week…

Picsand not the fence.


These are the fences which I used to erect and demolish,

when time came.
fence_0021Although this fence is nearly due for the old age pension,

with a bit of care it still has plenty of years of life.

Signs of modern times…the rubbish bins.


Tying knots on in wire is a skill which is fast dying out.

This appears to be where a header, or combine,

has entered the paddock to strip the grain.

fence_0039This post and wire would be around forty or fifty years old.

To replace it will cost around $10,000 per kilometre…

so I have been told.

This post would have cost $1-$2.

To replace it will cost around $10 per post.


However, these ewes and lambs would not even see

this fence if there was no feed on their side of the fence.

The lamb has villain written all over its face.


Cee’s Black & White: Fence