Black and White Tuesday18-0109


Black and White Tuesday


Carrying on  the nature theme from the

A Photo a Week Challenge.

Canola crop

Foggy morning jewells.

Cross over.

Two garden sprays intersect

prior to a 40 plus temperature

last Saturday.



Hope you enjoyed.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Growth



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



When we moved off the farm. in 2005,  we moved

to an area that did not offer sewerage as a service.

We had to install our own water treatment plant or septic tank.

We opted for the water treatment plant.

According to council/health regulations we had to provide

300 square metres of land for the treated water

to be sprayed on to our block or garden bed.

This patch of grass was the area.


Soon workmen were in establishing the area.


Adding some kind of sand to help with the absorption

of treated water to be sprayed thereon.


 By 2013 we had seen some growth in our garden.

For a few years it was quite often more wet than dry.

However, it maybe since the boys moved out

and plants became established,

it is seldom wet under foot.

 And about twenty minutes ago it looked…

just like this.

This part of our garden is known as the poo-pit.

Although the water which is sprayed on to it

is nearly as clear as tap water.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Layered



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



The first thing which came to mind was…Black Forest Cake layers.

I wonder why?

When I found this mini haystack.

When I built haystacks we used to refer

to each layer as a row.


I now I posted this shot a day or so back.

However, a feature of our southern coastlines

are these sandstone cliffs and

their layers of soft rock, which…

has been known to give way without notice and

would give these tourists a ride better than

any roller coaster could provide.

 May be a one way ticket though.

Finally, ten years ago I/we built this garden bed in layers.

No. 2 Son, at the time called it a pyramid

and to this day it is thusly referred.







Black and White Challenge:

Small Subjects


I always think of the words

relative and subjective

when considering this topic

An Agapanthus flower consists of

many smaller flowers creating one large bloom,

which in turn makes the bee look small.

Looking a little closer and the anthers

make the bee look huge, by comparison.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Small






Black and White Challenge:

New Photos


Some of the most recent photos

I have taken…

are of some of the bulbs

currently flowering in our garden.

and, of course, our pink camellia.


Finally, this shot of Point Lonsdale Lighthouse,

taken on July 6, 2017 at 1742 hours

with a 30 second  exposure.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: New-Photos