Weekly Photo Challenge-Yellow


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some random Yellow photos today.

crested-barbet_0074aI believe this is a Crested Barbet, from South Africa, 2013

Daffodils_1927aOne of our King Alfred daffodils almost in bloom in August.


King Alfred daffodils.

Although this photo was taken several months ago,

the yellow flowers are still blooming


This morning I found a bright yellow ute (utility)

in Geelong’s main street…


parked right outside a fish and chip shop at 0900.

yellow_2301aBoth were right across the road from this

small window box which I normally pass

with my eyes fixed on other traffic hazards

rather than the beauty of these flowers.










Floral Friday-14-1912


Floral Friday



Liliums again this week…
lilium_2215aThe pink ones having been blooming for sometime now.
lilium_2216aNow it is white liliums putting on a show.

lilium_2210aTwo photos…
lilium_210aone bloom…

lilium_2208abut this is my favourite.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday


Last week I was able to leave comments on Blogspot blogs.

Again this week, this is the message

I receive when trying to leave a comment



I know I am me.  I’m not sure why

WordPress does not agree that I am me!!

Does anyone else have this problem?