Black and White Tuesday-0212-Ellies


Black and White Tuesday,

 December 02, 2014


Last week I  posted some pictures of elephants

heading away from water,

as we made our way to Victoria Falls.
elephant_0405On the return journey we safely negotiated the

Zimbabwe border post, travelled through no-man’s land

and reached the Botswana border post…

where things began to go sour…for me. 😦

elephant_0410A quick pat of my pockets, on the Botswana side,

revealed that I did not have my passport with me.

Another pat down…still no passport,

or yellow fever vaccination passport,

or money.

Cold hard cash…most of it sporting George Washington’s face.

elephant_0414Kindly, our Botswana bus driver offered to take me back

to the Zimbabwe post…

leaving my five female travelling companions

waiting at the Botswana side.

Yes! MGW was one of them!

elephant_0422Another self pat down and still no passport.

Just as I was about to enter the Zimbabwe border post,

nature stepped in, and I reached in my pocket for a handkerchief
elephant_0428As I grasped my handkerchief I felt

a hard cardboard like object lurking

on the inside of my handkerchief.

Oceans of relief washed over me as

I withdrew my passport to check it

and happily showed it to our driver.

I had been imagining spending countless

days locked away in no-man’s land

waiting for a new passport to be delivered.
elephant_0435I thought my troubles were over.

I mean…I knew MGW would have a comment…or two.

What I didn’t count on was all five of

my travelling companions getting stuck into me!!

elephant_0438So under a hail of friendly fire our bus set off for Chobe Lodge.

Look carefully at the background of these photos and

you will see lights mounted on high poles.

That is the border crossing.
elephant_0449Thirty seconds form the border post and

here were this mornings elephants returning

to quench their thirst for the evening.

elephant_0451While I mentioned, to my fellow travellers,

that if I had NOT ‘lost’ my passport, and

delayed our travels by five  to ten minutes,

we would have missed this sighting…

elephant_0454it had as much effect on the barrage of comments, I was receiving,

as a cabin boy trying to bucket water out of the Titanic.

elephant_0456Did you notice how some of the elephants returned

to help and wait for the stragglers?


I bet they did not grumble because one or two were late!



Hope you enjoyed.