* the arrival of a notable person or thing.
“the advent of television”
leading up to Christmas and including
the four preceding Sundays.

The Advent season brings with it

a variety of nativity scenes.

This one, at the Church we attend, is the only one

I have seen that is outside and 

is equipped with a solar panel.



Wordless Wednesday-2412-The-First-Christmas


A few weeks ago a nativity scene appear at the church we attend.

nativity_2322Nothing new about that except that it was outside the church…
nativity_2320which is on one of Geelong’s major roads.
nativity_2323I just hope the fence keeps the vandals at bay.

nativity_2326So here it is in total.

A two thousand-year old scene,

in front of a one hundred and fifty year old church.

Note the stretched limo, to cater for a wedding party,

and a solar panel to supply lighting at night.

Is that a juxtaposition…or what?


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