Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Abandoned-Building-Barns


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto Challenge


Some random buildings for this week’s challenge.

building_0002Set in a park this building is only a

kilometre or two from the heart of Geelong.

shed_0060I think these sheds are nearby.
shed_1986aA building used in bygone days…
shed_1986I wonder if it was a dairy…

a woolshed…

a house…

or just a bloke’s hideaway.

woolshedcc_1921This was my woolshed for nearly twenty years.

In this photo the shed looks in reasonable condition…

it has since deteriorated.

Also missing in this shot are the sheep yards

which I maintained during my ownership of the shed.

shed_1858bThis shed appears to have been a machinery in days of yore…


shed_1858ahowever, the enclosed end of it could have been living quarters

for a returned soldier after world War II.

 Many Soldier Settler farms of the fifties lived in what

became their garage while their house was built.


Hayshed_1939aI spent many hours carting hay into this shed and then carting it our to livestock during winter months.  Since the property was sold out of the family in 2001 Dad’s hayshed has remained abandoned to hay.



I think it looks even lonelier in black and white.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Abandoned Buildings or Barns