Travel Theme-Above




Travel Theme.


Last week while in Melbourne….

melbourne_1902I noticed these Christmas decorations above me.

melbourne_1897In fact they stretched all the way along the

Bourke Street Pedestrian Mall.

melbourne_1916Many, many years ago I would have been run down by cars and trams.

Today I only need to be aware of trams.

melbourne_1898Towering above all these decorations,

on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets,

was the Post Office tower.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Above







Weekly Photo Challenge-Converge


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some re-posts to begin with today’s challenge.
joint_1952All over the world railway lines diverge and

converge taking patrons to various destinations.

geelong_1849Geelong’s ‘Upside Down’ building appears to have supports

which converge with the base to hold the upper levels in place.

voting_1977Today, this will be a familiar site all over Victoria as citizens over eighteen years of age converge on voting centres in libraries, schools and town halls to cast their vote and elect a new parliament to govern the state.  We arrived before the voting began to avoid waiting in line for nearly an hour as happened last election.  As we left the queue was beginning to form.  The queue inside the building is nearly as long as it is outside.

In Australia, we have a ‘choice’ of whether we vote or don’t vote.

However, if our choice is the latter we will be fined.

I have softened the focus and retouched faces for privacy.


Yesterday I wrote, briefly, about our dwarf agapanthus.

Today I photographed our big agapanthus.

The petals converge at the base of the bloom.

Upon inspecting blooms which are not open

it is clearly visible that their stems all converge

at the top of a large spike which the plants produces each year.





Floral Friday-14-2811


Floral Friday



Warmer weather brings with it agapanthus blooms…


 and our dwarf agapanthus, obligingly, are in full bloom…

agapanthus_0589and make an ideal background to our fountain grass.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Joints


My contribution for this week’s

Fun Foto Challenge


Some Melbourne ‘joints’ taken this morning


I haven’t been to the Bourke Street pedestrian mall for a while.
It was nice to wander around and take a few photos of an area which has change so much during my working life.



Birds, oversized purses, and…



a human statue, all provided some joints for this week’s challenge.



My final joints were at Southern Cross Railway Station, Melbourne’s main station for interstate and regional
arrivals or departures.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Joints







Black and White Tuesday-2511


Black and White Tuesday,

 November 25, 2014


We boarded a small bus for our day trip to Victoria Falls…
elephants_0015and about ten minutes from Chobe Lodge and

less than two minutes from the Zimbabwe border…

elephants_0021we had to stop for this family of elephants,

as they headed away from their morning drink.

elephants_0022We never stopped marvelling at sites like this and

wonder how anyone could say…

‘if you’ve seen one elephant you’ve seen them all…’

Sadly, he was an Australian.  My sincere apologies

go out to all elephants from all of our group.



Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday-2511


Last Monday I heard a noise out the front window…
pigeon_0573and found ten or so pigeons feeding in our front yard.

rain_0593Barely two hours later the heavens opened and our backyard…
rain_0595looked like this.

A much-needed 112 points of rain fell during the day.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (


Craftyspices.com_Wordless Wednesday


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-39


Odd Ball

Week 39


Day 1 of our safari brought with it some vehicle problems.


The trailer was disconnected and the four-wheel safari vehicle fixed.

But an unhitched trailer needed a chock to make sure it did not roll away.
safari_0051We searched for and did not find a brick or stone in the middle of town.

But the pressure pump (I think) worked just fine.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-39













Week 4  This week the colouring is more to my liking.

I did have another blue version, similar to last week’s red image

but preferred this blue

I have included a POLL, as suggested by Robyn, and

the FULL Size original image way down at the bottom

Week 4

Week 4

  These blue tones are as appealing to me as the Week 1 version.

Unfortunately I don’t remember which filter I applied

to create any of these images except for week 2 which was a pencil sketch.



 All my entries for November 1-2 Challenge AND a BONUS… the original


Below is the full size original.

It was taken while walking along the board walk

looking into relatively shallow water.

It did not turn out the way I wanted but has

given me some mileage as an abstract image.

water-orig_1452 - Original


The photo was probably taken around here

in between a couple of moored boats.

The water was shallow and I thought it look interesting.

The result was not exactly that which I was expecting.


Technical stuff

  • Camera: Nikon D7100
  • Lens: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-105
  • Focal Length: 40 mm
  • Exposure time: 1/1600
  • F Stop: 4.5
  • ISO: 125




 Hope you enjoy!



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Door-Knobs-Handles


My contribution for this week’s


Fun Foto Challenge


Some random knobs and handles this week.








Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Door Knobs & Handles






Floating Christmas Tree Geelong 2015

On Friday night Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree was launched…literally.

 Floating Christmas TreeGeelong’s Mayor, Darren Lyons, was the driving force

behind the idea of a Floating Christmas Tree for Geelong

 after seeing a similar tree off the coast of Rio De Janeiro.


Yesterday, Saturday, we decided to have a look at our floating Christmas tree.

It looked interesting in daylight…guarded by the Bollards…

Christmas Tree Geelong 2015

and breath-taking by night.

Thousands of visitors crammed the foreshore

enjoying the attraction.

We were lucky to find a park close by to capture this shot.

Geelong Christmas Tree 2015

Although its 25 metre height cannot be compared with Rio’s 82 metre tree,

I believe this may be the first Floating Christmas Tree in Australia.

Mayor, Darren Lyons and ‪#‎EventsGeelong‬ are to be congratulated for being

first to erect such a tourist attraction in Australia.

Money well spent, I say.

We waited for twenty to thirty minutes to see

all the colours and lighting effects

Floating Christmas Tree GeelongThese two last shots were taken 300-400 metres from the tree

with a hand held Nikon D90 loaded with a

Nikkor 70-300mm zoom lens at full stretch.

I cropped the ‘red’ shot to create an illusion of being closer.