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Hard News


Jeffery Deaver



Hard News is another story of a young reporter pushing her capabilities and experience.  I say another because I have read two books this year by a different author in which a young female reporter was the lead character and Jeffery Deaver has created story which I believe to be the best of the three ‘female reporter’ books read this year.

Working in television as a camera operator out on the beat, young Rune finds a letter on her desk from death row.   After convincing herself that the prisoner is innocent she finds herself creating a story of his innocence for the Network Current Events program.

Through in a baby left on her doorstep and you have a fairly improbable scenario which nevertheless provides for an entertaining read.  For me the odd part was the baby’s development over what appeared, or seemed to be only a few months at best.  She went from nappies, or diapers to feeding herself, walking and talking.

However, it is basically good guys vs bad guys…and I did not pick the end or see any of the bad guys close to Rune.

For that reason and the fact that it was an enjoyable read, I gave Hard News a four star rating.

A final mention the Hard News is book three of the Rune Trilogy.  As yet I have not searched for books one and two.  However, I can tell you that they appear to have little, or no, impact on reading Hard News as a stand alone read.


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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk31-3107


Odd Ball

Week 31, 2017


It doesn’t need to be a balmy sunny

winter’s day for Candi to play.

She watches…

and waits.

then springs into the air.

Well her front half does, but not too high…

because it looks a long way down,

from up there.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Week-31







Black and White Tuesday17-2507


Black and White Tuesday


Commencing at…the Geelong Yacht Club.

Where a seagull came for a drink. Hmmmm!


Took a wrong turn off the freeway and

sighted this Great Egret having a bite to eat.

Went back the following day with a longer lens,

hoping for a better shot.

Alas!  My Great Egret had gone.



Hope you enjoyed.






Black and White Challenge:



My photos come from Arras this week.

The first two are, I think….

parking meters in Arras, France.


Looks like hiring a masquerade costume can start at 15 Euros.

A statue honouring L’Abbe Halluin,

funded by public donations.

Finally, the clock face of the Bell Tower clock.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Numbers



Travel Theme-Near




Travel Theme.


As we entered Paris last year…

even a shot through the coach window

was worth capturing.


 However, the near we came…

to the Eiffel Tower


the more awesome it looked.

We were in Paris!


Where’s My Backpack: Near