Weekly Photo Challenge-Collage



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I opted for a Nature Collage this week.

All images are nature…sometimes with

some post tweaking to enhance .







Two ‘mountains’ I have passed countless times

while driving to Melbourne and Geelong

when I lived on the farm.

Mount Shadwell at Mortlake.

Mortlake claims to be the Olivine (Peridot)

Capital of the Australia.

Whereas Mount Elephants claim to fame is that,

if you use you imagination,

that it looks like the upper portion of an elephant.

I saw a photo a few weeks ago,

taken from the other side.

Looks nothing like an elephant.

Oh! Well! 😦

Nearly forgot…these ‘Mountains’

are only several hundred feet high,

but they are quite noticeable landmarks

in Western Victoria which once was

a hot bed of active volcanoes.

These volcanic cones is all that remains

of that point in time.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Mountain


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Bathroom


My contribution for

this week’s challenge




Enlarged these photos may contain images which may offend some people.

On a night out in Vienna, word spread around our group

that we just HAD to use the bathroom/toilet. While equipped with all modern conveniences…

the ‘gents’, and the ‘ladies’, was I was told…

an array of memorabilia…

and decor not ever…

in a toilet/bathroom on any previous occasion.