Weekly Photo Challenge-Textures



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some textures from Wednesday morning

in the freezing (for us) cold.

After nearly two hours waiting for a fog to clear

this concrete looked great.  

My fingers were numb, my right hand was almost

uncontrollable, all because the temperature

had dropped to -1 degree Celsius.


With warmer hands I found some rough textures…. 

while playing on the railway track.






Black and White Tuesday17-2507


Black and White Tuesday


Commencing at…the Geelong Yacht Club.

Where a seagull came for a drink. Hmmmm!


Took a wrong turn off the freeway and

sighted this Great Egret having a bite to eat.

Went back the following day with a longer lens,

hoping for a better shot.

Alas!  My Great Egret had gone.



Hope you enjoyed.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Satisfaction



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I sighted this Great Egret in an almost roadside dam.

I thought I had captured better images

so my satisfaction level was high, until… 


I put them on my computer.

Satisfaction level crashed.

The distance was simply stretching the capability

of my 250mm Sigma lens or my Nikon camera.

My hands do not help either.

One, two or a combination of all three?